How To Votekick In Phantom Forces

how to votekick in phantom forces

The game Phantom Forces has witnessed a lot of hacks these days from some players. And to effectively deal with these anonymous hackers, you can votekick to have a better gaming experience.

Phantom forces was developed by StyLiS Studios. It is a first-person shooter game that was derived from the games like Battlefield and Call of Duty. At the beginning of the game, you spawn to your position. Once spawned, you will follow the action arrows to locate enemies and destroy them.

This is very popular and due to its intense action, some players engaged in hacking the game to gain an advantage over others. Also, the game has faced the biggest hacking issue on the platform than others. Which is now causing a nuisance to others.

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Votekick in Phantom Forces

To votekick a player in the game, you have to enable the votekick option first. By enabling this option, you can also see others who have theirs enabled. To enable votekick, at your game main menu. Navigate to settings and go to the Game Settings. You will see a votekick option here. Enable the option.

Enable Votekick Option

Once you have enabled this, close the menu and return to the game. You should look for players who are cheating or making suspicious moves or acting in a manner not palatable. You can votekick the player by following the steps below:

Press the ‘/‘ key on your keyboard. The key is found at the right SHIFT of your key. Once pressed, you can type in the chat bar now. Type in or pasts the following – “/votekick:“ in the space. And enter the players name who is cheating, and your name as well. Click on ENTER, and a vote option will open. Here, every member in the lobby can vote to kick the player out.

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You can as well vote. To vote, click the GREEN button to vote to kick the player or tap the red button if you don’t want to votekick. The aforementioned steps are required to votekick a player in Phantom Forces. Hope this will help you rid of malicious players.

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