Trap Bobber Usage In Stardew Valley (Guide)

This is a guide to using a trap bobber In Stardew Valley which Includes on;

  • PC
  • Switch
  • PlayStation

Let’s dive In.

What Is A Trap Bobber In Stardew Valley?

The Trap Bobber is a humble fishing tackle that can turn your fishing woes into wins. You cast your line into the glistening waters, and instead of the usual struggle, the green “catching” bar moves at a more leisurely pace, decreasing 33% slower.

This means the fish has a harder time fiddling away, and your chances of a successful catch soar. However, Willy’s Fish Shop has your back, offering the Trap Bobber for a reasonable 500g.

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Alternatively, if you’ve ground your fishing skills to level 6, you can craft one for yourself. Keep an eye on the Traveling Cart as well, you may just see a Trap Bobber there for a slightly higher price, ranging from 600g to 1,000g.

But only the Iridium Rod can equip this tackle. So, if you’re serious about leveling up your fishing game, invest in that top-tier rod to make the most of the Trap Bobber’s benefits.

These tackles don’t stack in your inventory or chests. Each Trap Bobber takes up its own space, so plan accordingly. With this unassuming accessory, you’ll find yourself spinning In the aquatic treasures of Stardew Valley with newfound ease. It doesn’t matter if you are starting fishing, the Trap Bobber makes your fishing experience exciting.


How To Use Trap Bobber on PC?

First of all, to use the Trap Bobber, you’ll need an Iridium Rod. This top-tier fishing rod is your access to equipping the game-changing tackle.

Even if you’ve purchased the Trap Bobber from Willy’s Fish Shop or crafted it through your hard-earned fishing skills, having it in your inventory is the first step to aquatic success.

However, It’s a two-step process. Open your inventory by clicking the corresponding button, and with a deft left-click of your mouse, select the Trap Bobber tackle.


Next, make your way to the fishing rod. A right-click will attach the Trap Bobber to your rod, but attach your bait first and then the Trap Bobber tackle. It’s a sequence that ensures you’re fully equipped to draw in those fish easily.

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How To Use Trap Bobber On Switch?

To use the trap bobber on the switch:


Access Your Inventory

 To begin, open up your inventory. This is your virtual toolbox, holding all the essentials for a successful day on the farm.

Equip The Trap Bobber Tackle And Iridium Rod

 Move to your Trap Bobber tackle and the Iridium Rod in the inventory. Click on them to equip both.

Attach The Tackle To The Rod

Select the tackle, and with a tap of the Y button, attach it to your Iridium Rod. This step is Important. You’re good to go with the Trap Bobber securely attached to your rod.


Head to your favorite fishing area and cast your line into the water. The decreased escape rate of the fish gives you a significant advantage which makes your fishing adventure a success..

How To Use Trap Bobber on PlayStation?

To use a trap bobber, start by pairing the Trap Bobber with the Iridium Rod. When you’re amid gameplay, open your inventory.

Scroll through your inventory until you find the Trap Bobber tackle. For PlayStation players, hit the X button to select the tackle.


Then, press the SQUARE button to attach the Trap Bobber to your Iridium Rod. With the Trap Bobber attached, you can now cast your line into the waters. You’ll notice the green “catching” bar moving at a more leisurely pace, due to the Trap Bobber’s effects.

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How To Use Trap Bobber on Xbox?

Access Your Inventory

Dive into your inventory, and locate the Trap Bobber tackle and the Iridium Rod.


Equip The Essentials

Once you’ve got your hands on the Trap Bobber and Iridium Rod, open up the inventory screen again, and move to the Trap Bobber.

Select The Tackle with A

Move over the Trap Bobber, and with the power of the A button, select it. Consider this your angler’s initiation.

Attach It To The Rod With X

Click the X button to attach the Trap Bobber to your Iridium Rod.


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