How To Get Your Weapons Upgraded in Diablo 4

This is a guide to upgrade weapons and armor In Diablo 4. No matter how strong your character Is, Improving your weapons can only get them better so you have an advantage against your rival. However, In this guide, you will learn how you can upgrade your weapon, Including armor.

Let’s dive In.

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How To Upgrade Weapons In Diablo 4?

In Diablo 4, upgrading your weapons makes them more powerful and ready for the challenges ahead, and the only man who can do the job is the Blacksmith, a friendly NPC you’ll find in major settlements.

The Blacksmith can also salvage, repair, and upgrade Items. He’s your one-stop shop for everything related to weapons and armor, offering services like Salvage, Repair, and, of course, Upgrade.

However, before you upgrade wait until you hit the Endgame, which is when you’re level 50 or above. You can enjoy the sort of equipment you come across and keep an eye out for Legendary or Unique items that can be the foundation for your endgame Build.


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Once you’ve got your hands on a promising weapon, go and meet The Blacksmith. Depending on the item’s quality, be it Magic (blue), Rare (Yellow), or Legendary (orange), you can boost its base stats a certain number of times.

Magic gets one boost, Rare gets two, and Legendary gets the golden three. Unique weapons, however, can’t be upgraded at The Blacksmith.


Then again, Salvaging. Break down items you don’t need and gain valuable Upgrade materials in return. It’s a smart move until you reach the Endgame.

Beyond that point, you’ll be dealing with other NPCs like The Occultist or The Jeweller. And if you want to repair your gear, just pay The Blacksmith a fee, and he’ll repair your equipped items.

When you die and respawn, there’s a flat 10% damage cost on your weapon. So, staying alive not only keeps you in the game but also saves you some gold.


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