How To Unlock And Use Voltstanding in Type Soul

In this guide, you will learn how you can unlock, and activate Voltstanding In Type Soul. Voltstanding is a super strong ability in Type Soul.

It’s an upgraded version of Quincy: Letzt Stil, which the Wandenreich folks think of as old-fashioned. Voltstanding allows users to keep using their powers over and over.

Also, Vollständig gives some amazing powers like Sklaverei which lets users soak up a ton of Reishi to make their Spirit Weapons stronger or boost Vollständig itself.


It also gives Quincy the ability to fly with Reishi wings and create a Spirit Weapon from their wrist. This weapon can be used for hitting things up close or shooting Heilig Pfeil. That said, this is an awesome ability that could greatly improve your adventure. Now, let’s find out how you can unlock It.

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The OFFICIAL Quincy Guide (Voltstanding, Scrift, How to become, Level) - Project Mugetsu Roblox


How To Unlock Voltstanding In Type Soul?

Step 1: Complete Tasks

Climb the ranks, either by reaching the top 100 ELO and sticking around for 10-20 hours, win 175-200 raids in the Wandenreich, Hueco Mundo, or Soul Society realms (skip Karakura Town raids, they don’t count), or play healer and fix up 30+ players in raids. Winning raids may be the easiest, but it takes time.

Step 2: Survive Stage 2

  • In Stage 2, things get trickier.
  • Don’t die, or you’ll have to start over.
  • Defeat 150-250 Hollows, conquer the 3 BawaBawa Snake Bosses, and go head-to-head with 40 different Elite players.

Step 3: Master The Quincy Mini-Game

  • After conquering the first two stages, dodge some arrows in the Quincy mini-game.
  • Voltstanding is now yours, and you’ve got options, Heat, Miracle, or Wind.
  •  Each one has its style, so pick the one that suits you best.

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How To Use Voltstanding In Type Soul?

When Voltstanding is activated, Quincies become very tough. They can go through mobs of enemies easily. Just assume that you’re surrounded by foes, and with Voltstanding, it’s striking away annoying flies.


Also, Voltstanding is your best weapon in a player-versus-player battle. Voltstanding puts you on an equal level or even makes you stronger than your opponent.

So, when they think they can take you down, Voltstanding gives you a significant advantage. You can use Voltstanding against both computer enemies and real players.

Quincies, with Voltstanding in play, can unleash their full potential, throwing out powerful attacks to secure those sweet victories.


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Voltstanding abilities make your character a total game-changer. When you’re surrounded by enemies, just activate it, and watch them scatter. This power makes you unstoppable.

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