Weapon Swapping In Diablo 4; How To Go About It

This is a guide to switching weapons In Diablo 4. To switch weapons in Diablo 4, you’ll first need the right skills. Level up, open your Abilities chart, and choose a skill from the Skill Tree Menu.

These skills, such as Basic Skills, are your main hits that generate energy for moves. Core Skills are heavy-hitting attacks using class-specific energy, usually unleashed after your basic moves.

Other Skills offer a versatile tool for extra moves, defense, or surprising demons. Certain classes, like the Rogue and Barbarian, automatically switch between different weapons for different skills. For instance, a Rogue with a Heartseeker fires arrows but switches to daggers or swords when using the Blade Shift move.


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How To Swap Weapons In Diablo 4?

Step 1: Open Your Character Menu

  • Open up the game and press the button that opens the Character Menu.

Step 2: Move To Abilities

  • In the Character Menu, find the tab labeled “Abilities.”
  • This is where you customize your hero’s toolkit.

Step 3: Click On Skill Assignment

  • Within the Abilities Tab, you’ll see a gem called “Skill Assignment.”
  • Click on it, if you’re using a console, hit L3 for the same effect.

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Step 4: Choose Your Skill

  • Scroll through the list of skills until you find your desired one.
  • Click on it to highlight your chosen power move.

Step 5: Assign It To Your Hotbar

  • Look down at your hot bar, and drag your selected skill there.

Step 6: Unlock More Slots As You Level Up

  • As you level up, you get more slots on your hot bar.

Step 7: Understand Your Hero’s Weapon Preferences

  • Different heroes have their weapon oddities.
  • If you’re a Barbarian, you’ll need specific skills for dual-using or using a huge two-hander.

Step 8: Let The Game Choose or Manually Select

  • Some skills are fantastic, they’ll work with any weapon.
  • Allow the game to auto-pick for you if you’re feeling lazy.
  • Or you manually select your weapon.

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Step 9: Manual Selection On PC Or Consoles

  • On PC, move over the skill on your hotbar, and press the middle mouse button to cycle through weapons.
  • On consoles, go to the Ability Tab, use L3, or hit Assign Skill.

Step 10: Cycle Through Weapons

  • Once your skill is set, press X (Xbox) or Square (PlayStation) to cycle through your weapons.
  • If you can’t cycle the weapon, blame the skill as it’s got specific preferences of weapon to be used.

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