Steps To Take To Save Game Progress in GTA V (All Platforms)

Many people believe that Grand Theft Auto V: San Andreas is the greatest video game ever made, and it provides a vast universe for players to explore within the fictional metropolis of Los Santos. Aside from that, players are given missions and assignments to advance in the game.

Gamers invest many hours into Grand Theft Auto V. You can ensure that your GTA 5 progress is recovered if you have been playing for too long and need to return to the real world to finish some fundamental tasks.

A common experience for many Grand Theft Auto V players is reaching a certain point in the plot, only to discover afterward that the game didn’t save, forcing them to start over from scratch.

It’s not only annoying, but it temporarily saps your will to continue playing the game. You must understand how to save the game to avoid losing your progress.  Read on to find out how to save your progress in GTA 5.

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How To Save A Game In GTA V On A Computer Or Console

Remembering that GTA V contains an ” Autosave ” tool that automatically saves your progress while playing the game at specific moments is crucial.

But to be safe, it’s a good idea to manually save your game since a glitch or bug can occasionally prevent the autosave functionality from functioning as intended. Here’s how to save Grand Theft Auto 5 game progress on any platform.

How to save your game offline?

Follow these easy instructions if you don’t know how to save the game in GTA V offline:


  • Using the keyboard, press the UP arrow key. Press the UP key on the controller’s D-Pad if you use a console.
  • Next, select the cloud icon by moving your cursor to the left of the center icon.
  • The text will say, “Quick Save.”
  • When you select Quick Save, a new screen will show up.
  • You can overwrite your game saves or select “New Save” here. However, after you exit this screen, your game will be saved.

How To Save A Game In Online GTA V

GTA V has an autosave option that saves your progress whenever you change the game’s surroundings, such as changing clothes or spending money, so you don’t need to save the game manually. Nevertheless, here’s how you save the game for yourself for your peace of mind:

  • Select Style from the Interaction Menu.
  • Change any of the clothes you are wearing in Style.
  • Go from the menu. Following your exit, a spinning circle in the lower right corner of the screen will show you that a save is happening.
  • Make sure GTA V is correctly closed online to confirm the save. You can select Online → Exit Game with your keyboard’s ESC key.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Saving In GTA 5

1. In GTA 5, how can I preserve my progress?

In GTA 5, you can use the save function or task completion to store your progress. To utilize the save function, pause the game, select “Save Game” from the “Options” menu, and then pick a period to save your work.


2. In GTA 5, how often should I save my progress?

To ensure progress is maintained, it is advised that you save your work frequently and in various slots. It’s a good idea to have several save points available to you in case you need them and to keep them before taking on a challenging assignment or risky act.

3. Can I keep my online GTA 5 progress?

Yes, you can use the save feature in GTA 5 to save your progress when playing online. Pause the game, select “Save Game” from the “Options” menu, and pick a period to save your progress.

4. Can my GTA 5 saved progress be moved across platforms?

No, saved progress cannot be transferred between platforms in Grand Theft Auto V. On the new platform, you will have to start from scratch.


5. What occurs in Grand Theft Auto 5 if I don’t save my progress?

If GTA 5 crashes or is turned off, you risk losing your progress if you don’t save it. It is crucial to save to prevent losing any work frequently.

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Final Words

That concludes our guide on how to save your GTA V game. As a precautionary measure, always save the game before turning it off to avoid losing progress.


You may maintain your hard-earned progress and play the game uninterrupted by making use of the save option and insider tips and tactics. Thus, have fun gaming, and remember to save regularly and in several slots!

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