How To Obtain Schrift In Type Soul?

Have you ever wondered about the magical power of Schrift in Type Soul? Schrift can be the greatest ability that gives life to the characters in this incredible game. But before you learn how you can get your Schrift, I will take you back to the history of this great ability.

Let’s dive In.

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History of Schrift

In Type Soul, when a Quincy reaches the level of Sternritter, It’s a ritual called the Initial-In-Soul Writing. This ceremony involves Quincy drinking a cup of Yhwach’s blood.

Yhwach is the big boss of Quincy, and he’s got the power to write a special letter on the soul of Quincy who’s up for it. That initial represents a special power that he wants to share with you.

He’s giving you a piece of his soul. If heaven forbid, a Sternritter meets their untimely end, and that power goes right back to Yhwach.


So, it’s a bit like a loan that you have to pay back if things go south. However, Yhwach isn’t just handing out borrowed powers.

When he was born, he could already share a part of his soul with other Quincy to make them stronger. And then, as he grew older and wiser, he figured out how to take it up a notch.

That’s when he started giving out Schrifts, which are powers that are unique to each Quincy. Lille Barro was the lucky guy who got the very first Schrift from Yhwach. Can you imagine being the first one ever to receive such a power? It must have been a game-changer for him.


How To GET Your SCHRIFT As A Quincy In Type Soul (Updated)

How You Can Get Your Schrift In Type Soul?

Step 1: Become A Quincy

  • To begin your adventure to obtain Schrift, you first need to become a Quincy.
  • Quincies are the chosen ones in Type Soul, and only they can access the power of Schrift.
  • To become a Quincy, find one of the Statues in Wanden, and they’ll guide you through the process.

Step 2: Earn Missions EXP

  • As a Quincy, you’ll need to level up a bit to unlock the Schrift power.
  • You need to gain experience points to advance.
  • Keep completing missions until you reach Grade 2.

Step 3: Meet Balance And The Special Statue

  • Once you’ve reached Grade 2, head to the castle.
  • Look for an NPC named Balance.
  • She’s the one who holds the key to Schrift.
  • Have a chat with her, and she’ll give you some guidance.
  • After your conversation, she’ll send you to a Statue.
  • This Statue is easy to spot, it’s the same one that turned you into a Quincy.

Step 4: Face The Challenge

  • The Statue won’t just hand Schrift to you; it wants to see your fighting skills.
  • It’s a test to prove you’re worthy.

The challenge is to defeat a certain number of enemies, and here’s the list:

  • 15 Fishbones (these can be either NPCs or other players).
  • 5 Menos (again, NPCs or players).
  • 3 Adjuchas (yep, NPCs or players).
  • 5 Shinigami (but only players count).

Step 5: Avoid Death

  • Here’s an important point: You must complete this challenge without dying even once.
  • If you do, your progress gets reset, and you’ll have to start over.

Step 6: Track Your Progress

  • If you ever lose count of your victories, don’t worry.
  • You can always check with the Statue to see how you’re doing.

Step 7: Claim Your Schrift

  • After defeating all the Quincy enemies, return to the Statue you’ve been working with and talk to it again.
  • This time, it will grant you your Schrift, your special power in Type Soul.

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How To Use Schrifts In Type Soul?

Step 1: Find Your Active Ability Button

  • Look for the Active Ability button on your interface.

Step 2: Choose Your Moment

  • Make sure you’re in a situation where you want to use your Schrift.
  • This could be a battle, a tricky puzzle, or any other time you need that extra edge.

Step 3: Press The Button

  • When you’re ready to activate your Schrift, just press that Active Ability button.

Step 4: Unleash Your Schrift

  • Once you’ve pressed the button, your Schrift power is on.
  • The possibilities are endless, depending on your specific Schrift.

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Step 6: Deactivate (When Needed)

  • Your Schrift won’t last forever.
  • It’s a limited-time offer.
  • So, when you’ve accomplished what you needed to do, or when you want to save your Schrift power for later, just press the Active Ability button again to deactivate it.

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