How To Obtain And Use Soul Ticket in Type Soul

Ever wished you could switch up your character’s style in the middle of a battle In Type Soul? Soul ticket is like having a superpower that allows you to transform your character whenever you feel like it, and to get It can be tough.

But In this post, I will share with you two methods on how you can obtain It, plus how you can use the soul ticket afterward. Let’s dive In.

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What Does The Soul Ticket Do In Type Soul?

The Soul Ticket is like a remote control for your game character. Normally, you’re playing as a Shinigami, doing your heroic deeds.

Now, you want a change, maybe a different challenge or you’re not feeling the Shinigami vibe anymore. That is the essence of Soul Ticket.

With this ticket, you can switch your character between a Shinigami and an Arrancar. Or you want to try a different approach, the Soul Ticket lets you do that too. It’s simple, it’s fun, and it’s all about giving you the freedom to play the way you want.


How To Get & Use Soul Tickets in Type Soul | Roblox

How To Obtain Soul Tickets In Type Soul?

There are two ways you can get the soul ticket In Type Soul: First, there’s the express route, you can buy a Soul Ticket directly for 500 Robux.

If you’re okay with investing some real money into your Type Soul journey, this might be the route for you. It’s a shortcut to getting that golden ticket without the debate.


But if you’re more of a free-to-play warrior, there’s another way, and it involves a bit of in-game action. Meet the Jidanbo and Bawabawa bosses.

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These guys may sound tough, but they hold a chance to drop what you are looking for. Let’s start with Bawabawa. If you take this beast down, you will be in for some sweet rewards, including the Soul Ticket.


It’s not a guaranteed drop, mind you, but the joy is in the chase. And, of course, there are other goodies up for grabs like Mythic Items, Hollow Essence, and Legendary Items made for both Shinigami and Arrancar.

Another tough boss is Jidanbo. Beat this formidable foe, and you will just hit the jackpot with a Soul Ticket drop. Again, no promises, but the potential is there.

Plus, you’ll be showered with Legendary Items for both Shinigami and Arrancar. However, taking on these bosses is a bit like a roll of the dice, you may get the Soul Ticket, or you may need another go. But if you ask me, that’s the beauty of the game, the anticipation, the suspense, it’s all part of the game.


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How You Can Use TYPE SOUL Soul Ticket?

Step 1: Check Your Inventory

  • Make sure you’ve got the Soul Ticket handy.
  • If you want to be prepared, just head to your inventory section in the game and give it a quick scan.

Step 2: Locate The Soul Ticket

  • Once you’ve confirmed you have a Soul Ticket.
  • In your inventory, look for the Soul Ticket item.
  • It’s usually not playing hide-and-seek, so a quick scroll or search should do the trick.

Step 3: Click Away

  • Found the Soul Ticket? Give It a tap or click, whatever your gaming platform prefers.

Step 4: Confirm The Reset

  • A pop-up or prompt will show up, asking if you’re sure about this reset business.
  • It’s like the game double-checking, “Are you, really, REALLY sure?” Hit that confirmation button.
  • This action is the green light for your character’s reset.

Step 5: Choose Your New Race

  • Your character’s race is now reset, and you’re back at square one, in a good way.
  • The game will prompt you to pick a new race for your character.
  • It is very easy.

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