How To Make Your Body Fat In Roblox

If you’re one of the top fans of Roblox games. You will be intrigued to make your body fat in Roblox just like other players. For that purpose, we have gathered some helpful information on how to make your body fat in Roblox.

You may not have the customization skills to make your body fat in Roblox. And with this guide, you will achieve that for free. Let’s get into action.

Making Your Body Fat in Roblox

It is quite easy to make your body fat in Roblox if you have Robux. Robux is the in-game currency. This is to buy some materials that cannot be gotten for free.


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So, to make your body fat in Roblox.

  • Launch your Roblox and click on the Avatar Icon. From here, locate the Avatar Editor page.
  • If you’re on this page, hover your mouse on the Wears there. Tap on the sub-category to select a cloth that has shoes, shirts, shorts, etc.
  • Now drag your mouse over your character‘s body and select skin color. Click on the Left and Right arms tab of your character. Select the woman’s arm as seen in our image.
  • At the Left Legs/Right Legs, pick the gnome legs.
  • Go to the Torsos tab and choose Penguin Torso just as we did here.
  • After you have passed the steps above. Tap on the Build button and drag the dots seen there to have the body type become short. Drag the dots again and make the body size to be fat.
  • Once you have adjusted the body. Tap on the Heads area and select Roundy head.

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That’s how to make your body fat in Roblox. You can see the steps are quite straightforward. Now go and explore the maps with your fat Roblox character.

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