How To Make Mugs In Dwarf Fortress – Full Guide

Some games are very exciting and provide players with lots of adventurous tasks. Dwarf Fortress is no different and this is a plus.

It should be known that Dwarf Fortress is a sandbox-style game where players are able to make and manage habitations or better still fortresses for dwarves.

Players can make many items that will be used by these dwarves in the Craftdwarf’s Workshop and one of them is a mug. Therefore, in this article, we will be throwing more light on how to make a mug in Dwarf Fortress. Read on to grasp the whole process.


Before we go further, it should be known that the Craftdwarf’s Workshop in Dwarf Fortress is where you can learn how to make rock mugs and wooden cups.

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Mugs are an essential need of the dwarves in the game as they can be used as drinking vessels. If these mugs are not available, the dwarves can have negative thoughts, which in turn can result in a variety of significant problems in the future.


Dwarf Fortress – How To Make Mugs

Method 1

Rock mugs and wooden cups are typically the most straightforward drinking vessels to fashion, given that rocks and wood are both readily available and relatively easy to work with.

All players need to do is click on the workshop, select “add new task” and then click on “rock” or “wood” to open the associated menu where the vessels are listed in order to craft the items in Craftdwarf’s Workshop.

Also, players that have a manager can also go through the work order menu, create a new work order, and search for either “rock mug” or “wooden cup.” Both serve the same purposes.


Method 2

Another method that players can adopt is to make metal or glass goblets for their dwarves; however, the process involved in this method is more complex than the first method.

In this case, players must use a Furnace to create charcoal, then use that charcoal as fuel to smelt metal ores into bars at a Smelter, and finally use those bars to create the drinking vessels at a Metalsmith’s Forge.

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This will give players the ability to craft metal goblets. Meanwhile, before glass cups can be made, players will first need to gather some sand with the help of the Glass Furnace, after which they will need to use the Workshop along with fuel to transform the sand into the cups.

Once the drinking vessels are complete, players should add them to their taverns in Dwarf Fortress. This is regardless of the type of drinking vessel that was made.

This can be done by putting a coffer anywhere inside the tavern; the dwarf patrons will take care of stocking the chest with mugs on their own.


Players can also modify the number of goblets in a tavern’s chest by opening the zone menu, clicking on the tavern zone, clicking on magnifying glass icon below the tavern’s name, and clicking on the “+” or “-” next to Goblets.


The question on how to make mugs in Dwarf Fortress has been answered in this post. We outlined two methods and your are free to leverage anyone that suits your needs at any point in time.

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