9 Best Ways to Level Up in Legend of Slime

In this guide, you will learn how you can level up fast In Legend of Smile. If you want to improve your gaming adventure, you need to upgrade your smile.

The more you level up, the more your smile becomes powerful. If you can level up your smile to level 50, you will unlock new skills, and get 60% more health, so it will be harder to beat. Plus, it will load an extra attack with 100 more attack points which can make your smile a real game-changer.

Let’s dive In.


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Tips to Level up Fast In Legend of Slime

Step 1: Mine

  • Start your mining adventure by going deep into the mine.
  • Hit milestones like 250 meters, and you’ll uncover valuable items.
  • Go even deeper to 650 meters, and you’ll stumble upon those highly sought-after miner chests.
  • The more meters you go, the more, the more each depth brings new rewards.

Step 2: Grab XP Shards

  • Keep your eyes open for blue XP shards, especially around the 250-meter mark.
  • They’re experienced boosters waiting to be grabbed.
  • Make it a priority to mine them for a quick and easy boost in experience points.

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Step 3: Extend Mining Sessions With Ads

  • If you’re eager to spend more time in the mine, consider watching in-game ads.
  • They reward you with different pickaxes, giving you more time to dig and gather resources.

Step 4: Upgrade Pickaxe Capacity

  • Think bigger when it comes to your pickaxe.
  • Upgrading its capacity means you can gather more goodies with each swing.

Step 5: Enhance Your Slime’s XP

  • Head to the slime page, click on “Change Character,” and hit “Enhance.”
  • Here, you can use the XP shards you’ve collected to boost your chosen slime’s experience points.

Step 6: Aim For Milestones And Mastery Points

  • You need to keep an eye on milestones, like reaching 50 points at once.
  • This unlocks higher levels, especially the level 75.
  • Each level gets you a Mastery Point, like a gold star for a job well done.

Step 7: Spend Mastery Points Wisely

  • Go to the Common Mastery tab.
  • Spend your Mastery Points strategically for permanent game bonuses.
  • Just make sure to complete one upgrade entirely before moving on to the next.

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Step 8: Unlock The Power of “Reset”

  • Don’t forget the “Reset” button.
  • For just 10 Gems, use it strategically.
  • Early on, reset to spend Mastery points on XP Increase nodes before using your shards.
  • It’s a budget-friendly way to level up efficiently.

Step 9: Repeat For Maximum Capacity

  • Keep repeating these steps based on your needs.
  • Reset, allocate Mastery Points wisely, and watch your slime rise level up fast In Legend of Slime.

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