How To Imprint Aspects In Diablo 4 Codex Of Power

In this guide, you will learn how to imprint Aspect in Diablo 4. You should know that Codex of Power is just a list in Diablo 4 that shows the Legendary Aspects you have gathered in dungeons.

To see the Codex of Power, tap Y and it will show all the Aspects you have gathered. You can also speak to an Occultist NPC in any of the major towns in each region to see your Legendary Aspects.

When you have gathered all these Legendary Aspects, you can choose to imprint them unto Rare or Legendary items. When printed on Rare items, they will be converted into Legendary quality. Legendary items when imprinted on will retain their quality but will elevate with the imprinted Aspect.


The Aspects you gather are important to upgrade your gears – they are high-end rewards in Diablo 4.

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How To Imprint Aspects onto Your Gear

Now that you have your Aspects ready to be imprinted onto your gear. You will need gold to travel to the local Occultist (this is unlocked in level 15 of your character.) You can locate one of the Occultists when you travel to Demyan situated in Kyovashad.


Follow the steps below to find the first Occultist in Kyovashad to start imprinting the Aspects gathered onto your gear. When you’re discussing with the Occultist, follow the rule below.

  1. When the Occultist menu is open, tap on “Imprint.”
  2. Insert the gear you are to imprint into the empty slot in the menu. Ensure that you insert the rare gear which is yellow or the legendary gear which is orange color. If you have imprinted an Aspect into a legendary item before and replaced it with a new Aspect, the old one will be destroyed. You can only insert one Aspect in any of your gear.
  3. Select the Aspect you want to Imprint from any of the two boxes in the middle. You either choose an “Aspect from The Codex of Power” or an “Aspect from Inventory”.
  4. After selecting the Aspect to imprint, choose “Imprint Aspect” and the gear you want to imprint on. If it’s a rare item, it will be transformed into legendary. After successfully imprinting the Aspects, you will see it on the fourth box below the screen.

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Cost Of Imprinting Aspect

You need to have saved at least 20,000 Gold before you can imprint an Aspect. So, before imprinting any Aspect, choose wisely the Aspect and be sure you want to imprint it. Note when you imprint an Aspect, it will only add a unique effect.


It won’t change the stats of the item you imprinted it on. Lastly, when you imprint an Aspect onto a Rare item, it will change to legendary but the base stats won’t change.

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