How To Grab A Knockout In Rocket League

how to grab a knockout in rocket league

Are you wondering how to grab a knockout in Rocket League? If that’s the case, then you’re on the right page. I will guide you through how to grab a knockout in Rocket League.

If you’re a fan of Rocket League, you will know that Knockout Bash is an interesting mode in the game. The knockout Bash has no objective. You are to slash and smash your opponents in the shrinking circle. Playing the game involves many tactics and strategies to push your opponent out of the safe zone.

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In other game mods of Rocket League, you rely on your reflexes to win against opponents. But in Knockout mode, you need a grabbing mechanic if you will ever win the game. Players who make good use of this mechanic will grab other players flying in the air and ruin their position.

How To Grab Opponents in Rocket League’s Knockout Bash Mode

To grab your opponent in Knockout Bash in Rocket League. Just press and hold the enemy grab button. Make sure to dodge their attacks as well. If you can hold the grab button and dodge their attacks. Once the attack phase pass, the grab key will trigger and send your enemy in the air without direction.

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if you have customized your gamepad, you have to find your grab key. By default, you can grab your enemy with the L2 on PlayStation. With your Xbox, use the LT button and Left Shift key on your PC.

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