5 Cool Steps To Obtain Zygarde Cells in Pokemon Go

Finally making its Pokemon Go debut as a reward for completing the From A to Zygarde Special Research objective, the Dragon/Ground-type Legendary Pokemon Zygarde was first spotted in the Kalos area of Pokemon X & Y.

You may have already realized that Zygarde Cells are required for it to change form if you have already captured your own.

There are three forms for Zygarde: 10%, 50%, and 100%. Its final 100% Forme is one of the strongest Pokemon in the game.

It will take a very long time for your Zygarde to reach that stage, but our straightforward approach to locating Zygarde Cells may be helpful.

Trainers can alter Zygarde’s form in Pokemon Go by using Zygarde Cells, but how do you locate these crucial resources? Here is everything we currently know about getting Zygarde Cells in Pokemon Go.

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How to get Zygarde Cells in Pokemon Go

Zygarde Cells can only currently be obtained by using the Routes feature. That being said, to get your Zygarde to 100% Form, you will need to venture out into the world and follow pathways made by other players.

Still, a few things to consider as you go on Routes and try to locate Zygarde Cells in Pokemon GO. The most excellent hints and strategies for obtaining Zygarde cells in Pokemon Go:

1. Carefully consider your routes

Certain Route Pokemon spawns in Pokemon GO are replaced by Zygarde Cells Up to three unique Pokemon spawns can be found while you are traveling a route. The Routes icon above these creatures’ heads will indicate their whereabouts.


Up to three Route-exclusive species can be found in this manner on each trip, but there’s a Zygarde Cell-related message. Zygarde Cells take the place of a single Route-exclusive Pokemon spawn when they appear on a Route.

Given this circumstance, if you have already encountered three Pocket Monsters identified by the Routes icon, a Zygarde Cell cannot spawn. Consequently, you can continue exploring other options and avoid completing the Route.

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2. Execute daily routes

There’s a daily cap on how many Zygarde Cells you can get through Pokemon GO Routes. You won’t be able to obtain every Zygarde Cell at once in Pokemon GO, even though it takes a lot of them to reach Zygarde’s maximum potential. There is a cap on how many cells you can collect daily in the mobile title (three cells in total)

Given this circumstance, you should visit Routes daily to gather three cells. As one to three Zygarde Cells will be awarded randomly when collected during gameplay, this may require several Routes. Getting as many Zygarde Cells as possible is the most effective way to accumulate them.

3. Repetition of Routes on the same day is not advised

It is imperative to remember that Zygarde Cells are exclusive to Routes that you have yet to traverse for the current day. Once you have located cells on a particular route, you cannot search that Route again for more cells.


Instead, you should examine other routes you did not take that day. Although you can potentially repeat courses, you will only get Zygarde Cells if a whole day has gone by. Cells are only guaranteed to be available on the initial run-through of a specific route each day.

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4. Employ the Route-Pausing Bug

The Pokemon GO community has found what appears to be a potential bug in the smartphone game, which Niantic has not yet fixed.


This can be used while on a route when you are around 50–100 meters from the trail’s end. At this point, you should pause how you are currently on and access your Routes menu. After that, the Route should be unpaused, and the game app should be closed and reopened.

You can explore the area a little or pause the Route, then exit and reopen the game to verify if the method is still effective if a Zygarde Cell doesn’t appear on the map immediately. This strategy may not be effective in the long run, but it is a workable exploit for now.

5. If feasible, play in busy places

In rural locations, Pokemon GO has sometimes been a challenging game for players, and this also holds for the Routes function.


There are typically fewer Routes to explore in an area without a few trainers. But if you play in a town or city where many trainers are creating unique Routes to explore, all of that is different.

Only some players can use this strategy, but those who can go to more populated areas should seize the chance. More Routes equal more opportunities to pursue them and find Zygarde Cells along the way, and more players equate to more Routes.

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Final Words

You can obtain a Zygarde Cube and the 10% Form of the Legendary Pokemon Zygarde after finishing a few steps in the “From A to Zygarde” Special Research questline.

But to unleash the full might of the Pocket Monster, you must use Routes to gather Zygarde Cells. We hope our tips here help you get Zygarde Cells in Pokemon Go.

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