How To Get Wings In Knockout City

Knockout City is a free-to-play action video game about dodgeball. It was given the free-to-play title in June 2022 and the game has remained a success since it was introduced.

The game comes with its share of cosmetics, a major aspect that continues to attract players, even more than the game’s rewarding multiplayer mode.

The question now is; How does one get the wings in Knockout City? This is one question that should be answered as the wing cosmetic in Knockout City is only accessible by a few players of the game. However, it appears that there is no guaranteed way at the moment.

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Obtaining the wing cosmetic in Knockout City is not easy but not impossible either. It appears that the game’s RNG plays a major role in how to get the wings in Knockout City and determines which player can get the cosmetic.

How To Get Wings in Knockout City

The wings cosmetic that appears on players occasionally is actually a Crew Logo, and this is the case for players who are participating in League Play. 

And just like the vast majority of the game’s other cosmetics, the Street Rank unlocks for each player are entirely determined by chance. This means that luck plays a major role in acquiring this cosmetic.

The process is designed to allow other crew members access to a cosmetic if one member of the crew unlocks it, which is a major positive.

Players that have been able to beat the odds early and unlock this logo choice have, thankfully, either joined or formed Crews that freely invite any player who wants to wear the wings to become a member. These Crews are open to anyone who wants to wear the wings. 

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Can The Wings Crew Logo Disappear?

Based on information from Reddit, it appears that the wings can disappear from the crew logo and won’t be available if the person in the crew that unlocked them is not online when you want to use them. The crew leader also has to be online for any changes to be possible.

Knockout City Crew With Wings

Here’s a link to a crew on Reddit. Just mention your KO ID and see if you’ll get lucky.

Points To Note

Here is what you should know in your quest to get the wings in Knockout City. You’ll need to be very lucky or rely on information online to get access to any group that has unlocked the cosmetic and is open for new invitees and uses the wings as a crew logo

Meanwhile, it should be known that the Crew Leader determines who wears the wings despite their availability in a crew. Therefore, players will need to join a crew that already possesses the wing’s extra design for the crew logo in order to be eligible for the wings. 

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All you have to do is wear the crew logo with the wings. However, if you are unable to join a crew that has the Wings design, you will need to form your own crew to obtain the Wings design.

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