How To Get Whispering Key To Open Silent Chests In Diablo 4?

This is a guide to obtaining a whispering key to unlocking a silent chest In Diablo 4. In the game, you need the whispering key to open the silent chest, likewise, you need at least 20 Murmuring Oblos to get the key.

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How To Get Whispering Keys In Diablo 4?

To get the whispering key In Diablo 4, head over to the Purveyor of Curiosities vendors, like Lizveth in Kyovashad. These keys don’t come free, though, they’ll cost you 20 Murmuring Obols.


Murmuring Obols are coins you earn by jumping into random world events. Back to Lizveth, she sells Whispering Keys and also has an array of unexpected gear drops for sale.

If you stroll up to her shop and thrash about 20 Murmuring Obols on the counter, you will get a random item. But, why bother with all this Whispering Key business?

If you’re a gold-digger and love a good gear variety, you should consider the Silent Chests. But, if you’re the careful type, aim for a specific piece to fit into your character build.


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Where You Can Find Silent Chest?

You can always find a silent chest hanging out near enemy camps. Check against the wall of the camp, not out in the open.

However, to identify them, look for the gold chains around them. Regular chests are wallflowers, with no brightness, but the Silent Chests are bright, which tells you there’s something special inside.


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Since these chests are looted vagabonds, always setting up shop in new areas, your best bet is to keep exploring. Be an adventurer with a curious spirit. A quick tip: if you find one but can’t open It, there’s a chance you’ll come across a Whispering Key later.

With that said, what’s inside the silent chest is a surprise package. You never know what you’re going to get. However, there are better chances at getting Rare or Unique loot, plus a pile of Gold when you finally open It.


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