How To Get The Bob Badge In FNF RP

Roblox is a gaming platform where game enthusiasts come to create their individual 3D graphics animation games. 

One of the games developed there is the current Friday Night Funk Roleplay which is a rhythm where gamers challenge their opponents in rap. Even at the disposals there, the question remains, How to Get the Bob Badge for FNF RP?

FNFRP was developed by GrifyHQ. The game is where players can roleplay different characters from FNF or use the mods on a custom-made map derived from the main game.


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To score more points in this game, you have to press the arrow keys passing on the screen to the rhythm with the background music. The game has many secret badges and Bob is one of them and the evil god.

How to get the Bob Badge FNF RP

  • To get the Bob Badge, you will need to open your Roblox and launch the FNFRP.
  • Once the game has loaded, you can teleport from the Lobby to Cornfarm.
  • There is a trail here that you need to follow and get to the barn.
  • At the barn, you will see a building in the right corner there.

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  • If you have seen the building, take the left till you reach the end of the farm.
  • At this point, click on the indication to download The flower behind a rock on the floor, and that’s all.
  • Now pass through the lobby again.
  • Walk through the path of the Bob Badge.
  • Bob, click on the button shown and your character will be transformed into an evil god.

That’s the final step and you can now play Bob on FNFRP.

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