How to Get Specta Loan in 5 Minutes

Specta is a famous loan app that is available in Nigeria. The app is from Sterling Bank. Specta Credit is open to highly profiled business owners as well as salary earners in Nigeria who are in need of extra funds to run their businesses.

It seeks to give them more convenient ways to obtain instant loans (within 5 minutes, or a little space of time) and credits by utilizing its standardized data processing methods and analytical tools, which are used to review loan applications while eliminating the difficulties that are usually associated with the traditional lending system.

Specta Loan gives eligible borrowers access to huge sums of money, even up to N5,000,000, with no need to submit paperwork or collateral, and applicants will get the funds within 5 minutes of application.

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This actually makes Specta a highly-rated loan product in Nigeria. The repayment time range is usually 1 to 4 years. Moreover, you are expected to select a suitable repayment plan based on your capabilities. This is to give you the ability to repay comfortably, and with that, you can pay back at your convenience.

It could be on a monthly or yearly basis. In addition, you should not forget that failure to abide by your repayment plan may actually attract a penalty of 1 percent extra payment. Read on to learn more about how to get a SPECTA loan for your business in 5 minutes.

What Are the Available Specta Loan Packages For Me?

There are a host of loan packages that you can choose from in Specta. Highlighted below are the popular packages you can pick from;

  • The Specta Basic or Specta4individuals Package
  • Specta Prime Package
  • Specta4Business Package
  • Specta Allowed Package
  • Specta Quick Cash Package

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1. Specta Basic (The Specta4individuals Package)

The Specta Basic is one of the available loan package options that is meant specifically for business owners as well as salary earners. With this option, they can borrow up to five million Naira (#5,000,000) within five minutes after their application gets approval.

The repayment method and time range for this option are actually convenient enough, and the interest rate is not high.

With this package, you do not have to gather much documentation. The most crucial requirement is to have a functional bank account with Sterling Bank. However, if you happen not to have one with Sterling Bank, you should be sure to have an active account with any of the other famous commercial banks.

2. Specta Prime Package

Specta Prime is a special Specta loan package, and this package is very unique as it gives borrowers the avenue to make investments on the platform, and with that, they can be able to lend and also borrow money from the platform.

You are free to borrow using this package in different currencies, including Naira, dollars, euros, and pounds. Specta loans are open to highly profiled business owners as well as salary earners in Nigeria who are in need of extra funds to operate their businesses. It seeks to give them more convenient ways to get an instant loan (even within 5 minutes).

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3. The Specta4Business Package

The Specta4Business is a special loan package that differs slightly from the ordinary Specta basic package, and this offer is available strictly for business owners.

In this form, the aim of getting a loan from the platform is secondary. This may also be due to the fact that there are benefits linked to it, and they are geared to help your business in no small way.

The Specta4Business loan package grants business owners access to fully register their businesses (using the same mechanism as in the Cooperate Affairs Commission CAC).

One of the advantages of this loan package is that it assists businesses in skyrocketing and boosting their sales. As more customers who use Specta try to patronize them.

Additionally, a buyer can make up his mind to pay for an item in parts; however, Specta will pay you in full, and you can only receive the money back when the seller rounds up the payment. You may also be free to borrow up to two million Naira (2,000,000) utilizing the platform, provided you are eligible and verified.

4. Specta Allowed Package

This loan package is created to assist youths who are current Corp members. They make use of this credit facility to grow their businesses or their vocations.

5. Spectacular Quick Cash

Just as the package name implies, this particular loan package is available to any interested customer, no matter what type of bank they are transacting with.

With this package, eligible applicants can borrow even up to the sum of twenty thousand Naira (20,000). Moreover, this relies on your transaction history and also depends on your available credit balance.

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How to Get Specta Loan in 5 Minutes

  • To apply for any of the available Specta loan packages in order to possibly secure this loan within 5 minutes or within a little space of time. You should abide by the below process flow
  • Open your browser (which can be Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Phoenix, etc.) and go to the Specta Loan page.
  • Click to download the Salary Domiciliation Agreement Form. Once it is opened, you should fill in the important details, which are usually starred.
  • After that, head on to send an email with the below list of documents to Specta using the email address [email protected].
  • If you are applying with a savings account, you will first be required to register your account using the Corporate Customer Salary Account.
  • Your details will be processed, and if you are lucky enough to be found eligible, you will get approved under the disbursement of fund options in 5 minutes, depending on your internet connection.
  • You can also apply through the Specta Loan app, where you can get started by creating an account and then following the instructions on the application.

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What Are the Specta Loan Requirements?

The Specta loan package you are going for actually determines the conditions and what is required, but on a general note, you will be expected to prepare the following documents and get them in hand.

  • A bank account number (most times only sterling is acceptable)
  • Your bank verification number
  • A valid source of identification
  • An email address that is valid


Specta is on the list of quick lending online platforms that are running under Sterling Bank. There is a wide range of loan package options that are available for both businesses and individuals, and you can pick a comfortable repayment plan that suits your needs.

You can go for the Specta Basic or Specta4Individuals Package, the Specta Prime Package, the Specta4Business Package, the Specta Allowed Package, or the Specta Quick Cash Package.

With Specta, you can now fund your business or personal project. Get started by visiting the Specta Loan page, and you will have to abide by the process flow and steps highlighted in this article.

Bear in mind that no collateral is needed, their services are stress-free, and they do not need much documentation.

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