How To Get Soul Guitar In Blox Fruits

A unique, legendary weapon such as Blox Fruits’ Soul Guitar can shift the course of events. Nothing is more excellent than a weapon with underworld strength that can shoot guitar riff notes.

One of the newest legendary weapons to be included in the base game is Soul Guitar. This unusual weapon uses the power of the undead to fire melodic notes.

You must perform a series of activities to gain access to the Weird Machine in the Haunted Mansion’s basement in order to obtain the recently introduced Soul Guitar in Blox Fruits.


This legendary weapon, which resembles an eerie guitar, has the ability to rule the underworld. Go ahead and do it if that’s your style! Read on to find out more about this powerful weapon and how to get a soul guitar in Blox Fruits.

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How To Unlock Blox Fruits’ Soul Guitar

It might seem impossible to gain this sought-after weapon, but it doesn’t have to be challenging to obtain the Soul Guitar. To find out more about this procedure, continue reading. The player must fulfill a few requirements to get the fabled Soul Guitar.


  • To collect and complete the Soul Guitar puzzle, you must be at least level 2,300.
  • The following supplies are required: 500 Bones, 250 Ectoplasm, and a Dark Fragment.
  • There is a hidden message that you need to receive in your system chat. If you are in the Haunted Castle in the third set, the message will appear randomly. It discusses the light that peeks through clouds and the full moon.

After completing the message and obtaining everything mentioned above, you can acquire the Weird Machine and the Soul Guitar. You have to complete five quick tasks first:

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1. Go To The Haunted Castle’s Graveyard Area

At night, make your way to the Haunted Castle’s Graveyard area. To start the tasks, you can offer prayers in front of the tombstone while you’re there.


2. Beat The Zombie Horde

You have to get to the Red Floor and take out every zombie.

3. Sorting Out The Board Signs

The next assignment is to reorganize every board sign. They have to indicate which way there are additional gravestones. Once the signs are changed, proceed to the Haunted Castle’s summit. Speak to the ghost that you observe there.

4. Observe The Garden Trophies.

Make your way to the garden. There, a pattern of trophy pieces facing different directions will be visible to you. Take note of the pattern or jot it down. It is required for the upcoming job. Reposition the floor tiles and pipes in the basement.


You then need to find the basement. Once you’ve located the pipes, adjust them so that the garden trophies point in the same way. Continue by altering the color of the floor tiles. The shade that is closest to the pipes should be them.

5. Make The Soul Guitar With The Weird Machine

You can use the Weird Machine at last after completing all of these chores. Get close to the device and feed it:

  • One Dark Fragment
  • 250 Ectoplasm
  • 500 Bones

The machine will create Your Soul Guitar and be ready for usage.


Materials Locations

These are all the materials you will need, and where or how to get them:

  • 500 Bones: from killing enemy NPCs who spawn at the Haunted Castle, the Soul Reaper drops about 40-50 bones each time
  • 250 Ectoplasm: killing any cursed ship’s NPCs (25% drop chance/1 ectoplasm) and the Cursed Captain (10 ectoplasm)
  • 1 Dark Fragment: obtained from the Darkbeard raid boss, located in the Second Sea
  • 5k Fragments: It is a drop of many enemies of the second sea and the third sea

How To Play Blox Fruits With A Soul Guitar

Acquiring the Soul Guitar is the first step. Once you have it, you should make good use of it. There are several advantages to it, but we’ll discuss those later. These are the attack kinds that you can employ with the Soul Guitar for the time being:

1. The Undead Notes

You can destroy the opponent with a guitar riff that shoots a beam of music notes by pressing “M1/tap.” When they connect, the notes blow up. This specific attack is very damaging.


2. El Diablo

The most potent attack on the Soul Guitar is El Diablo. To call forth a massive skull with otherworldly strength, press “X.” It explodes after taking off, causing substantial area of effect (AoE) damage. Additionally, it restores 3% of your health and turns 10% of damage into health.

3. Soul Shaker

To unleash this incredible attack, hit “Z.” The skull from the El Diablo attack appears before you. Upon opening its jaws, the skull launches a soul ray toward its adversary. When this ray deals heavy damage, it explodes. It has a strong knockback as well.

With these assaults, the Soul Guitar becomes a potent undead weapon. It’s a gun worth preserving, from the soul-made music notes to the skull you can use to launch excellent attacks with extremely high damage.


Benefits And Drawbacks of The Blox Fruits Soul Guitar

The Soul Guitar is an incredible tool with many advantages. But there are a few disadvantages. The following are some advantages of utilizing a soul guitar:

  • Use it as your primary weapon, and it’s pretty potent.
  • Its moves are very versatile, particularly the Soul Shaker and Undead Notes.
  • Every move deals extremely high damage.
  • El Diablo can heal HP.
  • When used for an extended period, Soul Shaker can disrupt instinct and stun the opponent.
  • Things can break when the undead notes move.
  • The undead notes strike has a significant recoil and is easy to land.
  • The attack using undead notes has a brief cooldown.
  • A sea beast can take a lot of harm from the undead notes if they are far away.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Soul Guitar In Blox Fruits

1. Can I Get The Soul Guitar Upgraded?

You really can. The Soul Guitar can be upgraded in the same way as other weapons. To enhance it, all you have to do is speak with the blacksmith. The following things are required for an upgrade:


  • Ten Magma ores
  • Scales of Dragons
  • One Dark fragment

Upgrading using these materials will result in a damage increase of 6%.

2. Does The Soul Guitar Make A Suitable PVP Weapon?

The Soul Guitar is one of the most potent guns that Blox Fruits has to offer. Because it works so well in player-versus-player (PVP) situations, many gamers use it. Even while it can be a little awkward at times, it does the job.

Final Words

That is all there is to it for obtaining Soul Guitar in Blox Fruits. This gun is incredibly strong and has the ability to heal HP. Thus, you ought to give it a shot if you’re a Gun major.


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