How To Get Shikai In Type Soul?

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been itching to unlock the awesome power of Shikai in Type Soul. I’ve got some tips to help you get it.

Obtaining this powerful weapon can be tough at first, but it’s possible. In this post, I will share with you exactly how I got the power

Let’s get started.


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Type Soul How To Get Shikai Fast + Full Guide! (Reaper Progression)

Step-By-Step Guide To Get Shikai In Type Soul

Step 1: Reach Grade 2

Before we can dive into Shikai, you need to level up to grade 2. It’s like moving from a beginner to an intermediate level in a game. Play, gain experience, and you’ll get there.


Step 2: Meditate

Get Shikai In Type Soul
CREDIT: Envy-YouTube

Now, it’s time to meditate. Don’t worry; this isn’t about crossing your legs and chanting. It’s more like sitting still for 20 minutes, and you need to do this three times, which adds up to 60 minutes. It’s just like waiting for an hour but with a purpose.

Quick tip: Don’t stand up during these 20 minutes, so you don’t miss anything.

Step 3: Listen To Whispers

While you meditate, you may hear whispers in your mind. No, it’s a secret message. These whispers will tell you how to earn Shikai EXP.


Step 4: Fighting The Shikai Boss

Get Shikai In Type Soul
Credit: pxcks-YouTube

After your third meditation, get ready for a fourth one. It’s a bit like hitting another level in a game. After this, you’ll be teleported to your Shikai World. In this world, meet your spirit and start a fight. Defeat your Shikai, and you’ll unlock its abilities.

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Step 5: Shikai EXP And Whispers

Do you remember those whispers? see them like a map guiding your way.


  • Hateful: This means you get more EXP by beating strong enemies, you will win extra points, defeating a big bad boss.
  • Chaotic: If you like messing up other players’ plans, go for this.
  • Pure: If you want to be a hero, save NPCs from Hollows.
  • Vengeful: Seek vengeance on those who wronged you.
  • Squeamish: If missions are your thing, keep doing them.
  • Kind-Hearted: Purify lost soul NPCs and be a savior.

Step 6: Level Up Your Shikai


Get Shikai In Type Soul
Credit: YoungDtayX-YouTube

Just follow the whispers and keep meditating. Each time, you’re closer to unlocking your Shikai’s full potential. By doing this, you are leveling up your character, becoming stronger and stronger.

How Do You Use Shikai In Type Soul?

Shikai Is the most essential tool for Soul Reapers in the game. You can call It their superpower, the secret weapon they’ve been waiting for.


However, to activate your Shikai, it’s as easy as pressing the J key on your keyboard. Once your Shikai is activated, you’re ready to roll. You can use its skills, by pressing Z, X, and C on your keyboard.

  • Z is for one skill, like a punch or a blast.
  • X is for another skill, maybe a swift move or a defense move.
  • C is for yet another skill, a superattack that loads a punch.

So, when you’re in the heat of battle, just hit these keys, and your Shikai will release its powers This weapon has been my biggest power in Type Soul, and using it can turn the tide of the game.

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Buddies, you’ve learned how to get and use Shikai in Type Soul, and you’re on your way to becoming a formidable player. Shikai is your secret weapon, your game-changer, and now it’s within your grasp.

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