How To Get Rachnoid Mesmersilk Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise has been established as an exciting game with quests that gamers can take advantage of. Therefore, the game has its share of quests that keep gamers engaged and excited in the process of playing and one of them is how to get Rcahnoid Mesmersilk in the game.

If you are interested in getting some Rachnoid Mesmersilk in Monster Hunter Rise, then this guide will offer you the ideal steps that should be taken.

What Is Rachnoid Mesmersilk? 

The fact is that one has to know what the item is before one can leverage any benefit or advantage that it offers during gameplay.

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It is a type of material that may be used in the Monster Hunter Rise crafting system to create a variety of different goods. It can construct things like armor, weapons, and even ammunition. 


It can be described as the most vital thread that a Rachnoid can produce. Rachnoid is a little monster that can be carved into Rachnoid Powder.

The white bulb on its back makes it unique and easily recognizable. Because of its fiery breath, players need to exercise extreme caution if they want to kill one of these dragons.

How to Get Rachnoid Mesmersilk?

rachnoid mesmersilk sunbreak


After completing the Sunbreak event in Monster Hunter Rise, players can get Rachnoid Mesmersilk as a reward. However, it should be known that you will only be allowed to participate in this event during the summer.

Therefore, check the calendar within the game to determine when it will take place. 

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To participate in the Sunbreak event, participants will need some quantity of Rachnoid Silk from Rachnoids. Either killing the Rachnoids or slicing them will help you in this step.

When you have gotten enough silk, you can visit the event vendor and exchange it for Rachnoid Mesmersilk.

How To Collect Rachnoid Mesmersilk In Monster Hunter Rise

  • Target the Sandy Plains as the ingredients required to complete quests can be found there.
  • Carve the tails of the Rachnoids to enhance your chances of obtaining Rachnoid silk.
  • You can capture a Rachnoid.
  • You can leverage traps in your quest to obtain Rachnoid Silk.
  • You can make use of butterfly nets and honey hunters to collect the silk.
  • Leverage the healing ability of Palico’s Vigorwasp spray and gain a damage boost for a while and this can be helpful when obtaining Rachnoids.
  • You can also take advantage of Maga Dash Juice and Rations for a collection of Rachnoid Silk.

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What You Can Craft With Rachnoid Mesmersilk


  • Darkest Night
  • Kelbi Deershot
  • Arachnid Sheerstrike
  • Araknatootle
  • Hamlet’s Horn


  • Aelucanth Thorax X
  • Bnahabra Coil X
  • Mosgharl X Set
  • Melahoa X Set
  • Mosgharl Creeper X
  • Mosgharl Folia X
  • Melahoa Hat X
  • Melahoa Folia X
  • Aelucanth X Set

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  • Bnahabra X Set
  • Rhopessa Thorax X
  • Rakna Helm X
  • Rakna Coil X
  • Rhopessa X Set
  • Rakna-Kadaki X Set

The aforementioned materials are stuff that you can craft with a Rachnoid Mesmersilk. Therefore, leverage it in Monster Hunter Rise and enhance your chances of coming out tops in the game.



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