How To Get Pummarola In Vampire Survivors

Speaking about exciting games that would be worthwhile, Vampire Survivors is one of them. It can be described as 2D roguelike game with massive shooting developed by Luca Galante.

Its early access is just $3 on Steam. Although the game is not that widely known, it has managed to gain popularity because of its hyping and game build. The publishers boast about 80,000+ active players presently.

In the game, you will have to survive as long as possible while combating enormous numbers of enemies marching down your way like chariots of war. Killing enemies gives you gems which as well count as experience.


You have to kill too many enemies which will give you enough gems to level up your character and become more capable and sophisticated.

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While there are over 30 achievements to gain playing the game, many of them will only revolve around you for a certain period before exhausting. The Pummarola is one of the achievements and can be used to regain lost HP.


So, we have prepared this guide to enable you to survive the hoards of enemies that you will encounter while playing the game and also to get Pummarola in Vampire Survivors.

How To Get Pummarola In Vampire Survivors

You can unlock Pummarola by surviving and disseminating the massive warriors coming your way for 5 minutes with Gennaro Belpaese.

Gennaro Belpase can be unlocked when you purchase it for 550 coins in Vampire Survivor. Gennaro starts with two sharp-blade knives and can permanently gain more projectiles for each weapon he obtains through upgrades or treasures.


For example, with Gennaro Belpase, if you choose to pick the King Bible as your upgrade, instead of receiving just one, you will receive two.

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You should also know that once you have unlocked Gennaro Belpase, you might need to survive for 5 minutes. The simplest and fastest way to survive the five minutes as Gennaro is by upgrading his projectile speed, weapons, and movement speed.


This way, his weapons can come out fast and deal massive damage to the enemies. With movement speed increased, you can swiftly obliterate many enemies and clear your way. This can be very helpful when you’re surrounded by enemies.

You may also collect the Pummarola in the Mad Forest on the ground. As said above that it replenishes your HP, it adds at least, 0.2 HP per second upon each of its levels.

As you unlock each level, there are five levels to which Pummarola will keep adding 0.2 HP while at the last level, it supplies a maximum of +1 HP per second.


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You can evolve Garlic into a Soul eater by using Pummarola to complete the process. And further, boost its recovery rate by combining it with Recovery Power up.

In addition to that, playing with Suor Clerci will increase your HP recovery rate. Suor Clerci can be unlocked with 9000 Gold and 1000 HP throughout the game.


As stated by Luca Galante, Vampire Survivors will be out of the “early access” this year. Its release will include features like story mode, arcanas, new weapons, and new characters.

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