How To Get Mosaic In Merge Mansion

Merge Mansion as the name suggested is a game based on merging different objects to create other unique items. You need the merge many items till you’re able to restore the Boulton 40years vacant family estate.

To restore the Mansion to its former fame, you will merge many items and uncover hidden items before the mansion will be completed.

This is quite a big task when you don’t know where to start. For that purpose, we have provided this guide to help you get Mosaic in Merge Mansion.


You need Mosaic to restore the dilapidated Old Well which is seen in the sixth level of the game. At this level is where you first come across Mosaic. Without knowing how to go about this, you will certainly know how to obtain the Mosaic.

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Guide For Getting Mosaic in Merge Mansion

To obtain Mosaic, that must have gotten Shrapnel in the game. We have two prone methods you can get this Shrapnel.


Shrapnel can be gotten when they’re left behind after breaking a Vase (note that the Vase to obtain Shrapnel must be at level 3 or lower.) You either destroy the Vase and get Shrapnel or you merge two Vases thereby increasing their level.

You can also get Shrapnel when you destroy the Ship in a Bottle. Once you have the Shrapnel, you can merge them to bring out Mosaic. Do this to get more Mosaic and merge them to get the level required by the mission.

It should be known that one of the objects that can be found in the loot dropped by the Drawer in the Merge Mansion is a vase.


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You can also access the vase by opting to buy it from the shop with Gems or Bronze Coins. This is an additional option. These Vasses have a small chance of being cobwebbed and can be unlocked when you spend the game’s premium currency on them.

The merging stages of Shrapnel are as follows:

merging stages of shrapnel


To complete the objective of Old Well, you need to have a Mosaic of the newer levels. These Mosaics can be easily gotten. But what is important is when breaking the Vase or the Ship, you should be careful to get the Shrapnel you need.


This article has outlined the major methods that will allow you to gain access to Mosaic in Merge Mansion. Do well to leverage these options and make the best out of your Merge Mansion gaming adventure.

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