How To Get More Energy In Blox Fruits

Are you eager to discover the ultimate strategies to get energy reserves within the thrilling Roblox game, Blox Fruit? Look no further!

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deep into expert tips and proven methods to bolster your energy levels, ensuring you conquer challenges and dominate battles with unwavering vigor.

Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a novice sailor navigating Blox Fruits, energy plays a pivotal role in executing a multitude of actions, encompassing moves, evasive maneuvers, Air Jumps, and more. At the onset of the game, players commence with a meager 100 energy units.


This quantity is reflected in the blue energy gauge situated beneath the green health bar, depicted as a ratio of current energy to total energy capacity.

This initial allocation of Energy proves insufficient, prompting the necessity to discover expedient methods to swiftly augment Energy reserves in Blox Fruits. Below we have provided a comprehensive guide on how to get more energy in Blox Fruits. Keep reading to uncover the strategic steps!

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Guide to Getting More Energy in Blox Fruits

At the beginning of your exploration, the initial 100 Energy might suffice, yet upon acquiring a Devil Fruit, the desire to increase this energy arises.

Increasing Energy in Blox Fruits exclusively involves enhancing the Melee stat by allocating Stat points. Each allocation results in a 5-point surge in Energy. To allocate the stat points, simply follow the steps below:

  • Begin by accessing the stats menu on the left-hand side of the screen
  • Add stat points to Melee by simply clicking on the plus button to incrementally boost this attribute.
  • Alternatively, entering the desired number of points in the top-right corner allows for bulk additions before clicking the plus button.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that similar to other attributes, Melee maintains a maximum threshold. Ergo, the cap for investment in this Stat stands at 2450 points.


Fortunately, maximizing Melee raises Energy to a substantial 12,345 within Blox Fruits. This substantial reserve not only empowers combat against formidable adversaries but also alleviates concerns regarding Energy depletion.

Furthermore, leveraging various accessories like the Bandanna, boasting a 750 “Stamina” enhancement, becomes instrumental in fortifying Energy reserves.

Moreover, when Energy depletes entirely, achieving the “Empty Vessel” title becomes feasible, signifying a recharge point for Energy reserves.


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How To Get More Stat Points In Blox Fruits

Gaining Stat Points in Blox Fruits correlates directly with leveling up, granting three Stat Points upon each ascension.

The most efficient method to acquire these points entails accumulating Experience Points (EXP), achievable primarily through quest completion.


Furthermore, quests serve as a paramount avenue for leveling up within the game. Each island features an NPC offering quests that task players with defeating designated adversaries or bosses. Notably, these quests yield both monetary rewards and XP upon fulfillment.

While multiple methods exist to level up in Blox Fruits, focusing on quest completion emerges as the optimal approach.

Engaging in these quests not only aids in acquiring XP but also offers dual rewards, effectively doubling the benefits derived from defeating enemies.


Embracing this repetitive cycle of quest completion ensures a steady accumulation of XP, advancing your character’s progression efficiently.

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In Conclusion

Mastering the art of augmenting energy reserves in Blox Fruits is pivotal for a triumphant journey through this captivating Roblox universe.


By strategically allocating stat points, particularly in Melee, players can significantly enhance their energy capacity, reaching formidable levels that empower combat and exploration.

By diligently following this guide, players can efficiently accumulate stat points and consequently bolster their energy reservoirs.

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