How To Get Log Stakes In Animal Crossing?

In this post, you will learn how you can collect log stakes In Animal Crossing. The log stakes in Animal Crossing are wooden decorations you can put outside your house.

They’re part of the Log Series and help make your island look better. Plus, if you have them outside, they make your island seem more attractive.

You might find these log stakes inside the homes of Dom, Jacob, or Peaches. If you’re friends with these villagers, you might even get a chance to buy them for your island. That said, let’s learn how you can collect them.


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How To Collect Log Stakes In Animal Crossing?

Here are four easiest ways you can get Log Stakes In Animal Crossing:

1. Buying Log Stakes From Nook’s Cranny

One of the easiest ways to get log stakes is by visiting Nook’s Cranny, the general store run by Timmy and Tommy. They often have log stakes available for purchase in their rotating inventory of items.


Just head over there and check their stock regularly, and you might find log stakes there. You can buy them with the in-game currency called Bells, which you earn, by doing various activities on your island.

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2. DIY Recipes For Log Stakes

If you’re feeling crafty and want to save some Bells, you can also make log stakes yourself. To do this, you’ll need the DIY recipe for log stakes, which you can acquire in the game.


Watch out for balloons flying over your island, as they sometimes carry DIY recipe cards. You can also obtain DIY recipes from your friendly animal villagers or through special in-game events.

Once you have the recipe, make sure you have the required materials. Log stakes typically require some simple resources like wood.

Then, use your DIY crafting bench to create log stakes. Crafting is a fun way to personalize your island, and it’s a great option if you enjoy a bit of hands-on creativity.


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3. Finding Log Stakes On Mystery Islands

If you’re up for an adventure, you can also visit mystery islands using Nook Miles keys. These keys can be purchased from the Nook Stop terminal in Resident Services.

On mystery islands, you’ll have a chance to find various resources and sometimes log stakes lying around. Explore these islands and keep an eye out for these wooden items.


4. Trading or Gifting Log Stakes

Lastly, if you’re playing Animal Crossing with friends or online, you can also trade or receive log stakes as gifts. If you have a friend who has log stakes and is willing to share, you can arrange a trade.

Additionally, some animal villagers might offer to sell or give you log stakes if you have a good relationship with them. Building strong friendships with your animal neighbors can open up opportunities to acquire unique items like log stakes.

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