How To Get Infinite Cookies In Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is a captivating video game created by French programmer Julien Orteil Thiennot. In the game, players begin by clicking a large cookie on the screen’s top, earning cookies with each click.

Cookies serve as currency within the game, used to purchase items. In addition, these cookies can be exchanged for cursors and other buildings that continue to produce cookies after purchase.

There are various methods in which players can earn cookies. Nevertheless, if you are interested in having limitless cookies in Cookie Clicker, read this article to the end! In this article, we’ve compiled the best guide, aiding you to get limitless cookies in Cookie Clicker.

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Whether you’re using Safari, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, IE, Windows, or even a Mac, we’ve got you covered! Without further ado, let’s get started!

How To Get Infinite Cookies In Cookie Clicker

Sep1: Open the Cookie Clicker game

To begin, launch the Cookie Clicker. To launch the game, click here. Alternatively, you can acces the game by opening your web browser and navigate to This link will take you to the game’s interface, where you can start enjoying Cookie Clicker.

Step 2: Open your browser source inspector

Access the source inspector in your browser. The steps to do this may differ based on the browser you’re using. For your system’s browser, follow the appropriate process to open the source inspector panel.

  • Using Chrome:
    • If you’re on a Windows PC and using Google Chrome, to access the Cookie Clicker cheat menu, press Control, Shift, and J.
    • For those using the MacOS version of Google Chrome, press Command, Option, and J to open the Cookie Clicker hacking area.
  • Firefox:
    • For Windows PC users with Firefox, simply press Control, Shift, and K to bring up the Cookie Clicker cheat console.
    • On Firefox for Mac, use Control, Option, and K to access the Cookie Clicker cheat console.
  • Edge:
    • When using the Edge browser, open the cheat panel in Cookie Clicker by pressing F12. Alternatively, right-click on an empty area of the page and select “Inspect Element.”
  • Internet Explorer (IE):
    • Same as Edge, accessing the Cookie Clicker hack on internet explorer is as easy as pressing F12. Alternatively, right-click on a blank space on the page and choose “Inspect Element.”
  • Safari:
    • In Safari, press Command, Option, and C. This will open the cheating area, where you can simply input the desired code.

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Step 3: Click the Console Tab:

Regardless of your browser source, navigate to the Console tab, situated at the upper section of the source inspector. Simply click the Console tab, and get ready to input your hack code(s).

Step 4: Input the generated cookies

Input the “generate cookies” code by typing in your preferred hacked code into the console. Remember to input the codes correctly, because wrong input will not activate free cookies. After you’ve successfully input your code correctly, hit the enter button to run the command.

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Step 5: Proceed to use the generated cookies

With your now limitless cookies that you’ve generated, you can acquire various items and structures within the game. Your abundance of cookies empowers you to make purchases like the Time Machine, Prism, Antimatter Condenser, or Chancemaker, resulting in a substantial boost to your cookies-per-second production.

Step 6: Save your progress (optional)

At this point, it’s a good idea to preserve your Cookie Clicker journey. By doing this, you’ll keep the number of cookies you’ve collected intact.

To do this, click on “Options” at the top of the page, then select “Save to File” to download a text version of your Cookie Clicker game’s data.

When you wish to import the saved data, just copy the downloaded text, navigate to “Options,” choose “Import Save,” and paste the copied text.

Cookie Clicker ~ Active Cheat Command For Cookies

Unlocking infinite cookies in Cookie Clicker opens up a world of cheats. Below are the active cheats command you can employ through the Console panel to achieve free cookies:

  1. Game.cookies = Infinity: This command set your cookie balance into an endless amount
  1. Game.cookiesPs = <number>: Boost your cookie generation rate by defining a custom value (replace `<number>` with your desired rate). For instance, if you intend to generate 1 million cookies per second, change the command to “Game.cookiesPs = 1000000.”
  1. Game.RuinTheFun(): This command grants you all upgrades and buildings in the game, along with a staggering amount of cookies (999,999,999,999,999,999) added to your bank. You can even repeat this command for additional effects.
  1. Game.cookies = <number>: This command permits both increasing and decreasing your cookie count.
  1. Game.cookies = 0: This command is used when you wish to revert an already existing command. Just input it into the console and you will be left with zero cookies.
  2. Game.cookiesPs = <number>: This command adjust the cookies generated per second by setting. Just substitute `<number>` with your desired generation rate.
  3. Game.lumps = <number>:

This command modify your sugar lump quantity by specifying. Replace `<number>` with your preferred lump count. Mastering these cheats allows you to explore the Cookie Clicker universe with limitless cookies and customized settings.

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In Conclusion

Using these cheats into your Cookie Clicker experience provides an exciting way to explore the game’s limitless potential. By using the console to unlock infinite cookies, you can experiment with various strategies, boost your progression, and fully customize your gameplay.

Whether you’re aiming for rapid growth or simply want to enjoy the game without limits, the realm of infinite cookies offers a captivating avenue for both casual and dedicated players alike.

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