How To Get Gear 5 In A One Piece Game

Within the realm of Roblox, “A One Piece Game” emerges as one popular and highly sought-after anime game experience, enabling players to delve into islands, combat formidable adversaries, and acquire powers akin to those wielded by Luffy.

The game also allows for the creation of a distinct character, wielding weapons, harnessing Devil Fruits, or mastering Haki abilities.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve detailed the process of obtaining Gear 5 within the confines of this game. So, if you are looking to get gear 5 in A One Piece Game, read this guide for guidance.


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How To Get Gear 5 In A One Piece Game

Acquiring Gear 5 in A One Piece Game involves a tricky yet rewarding journey. To begin the pursuit of acquiring Gear 5, securing a Rubber Fruit is crucial.

This Devil Fruit bestowed Luffy with rubber powers in the anime. Within Roblox, the Rubber Fruit is classified as a Mythical Devil Fruit, obtainable by purchasing it from the in-game Fruit merchant situated in Logue Town. Acquiring it is the foundational element required for your journey to obtain Gear 5.


Once you’re in possession of this fruit, journey to Luffy’s Island, nestled in the First Sea. There, locate and challenge Luffy himself; use the Rubber Fruit’s powers to defeat them. Successfully defeating him presents a slim 1% chance of acquiring a scroll that imparts knowledge of Gear 2.

Having obtained Gear 2, venture through the Gear 4 Dungeon and conquer The Boss. Succeeding in this endeavor affords a rare 1% chance of obtaining a Gear 4 Scroll, teaching you Gear 4: Bounceman.

Additionally, acquiring Gear 4: Snakeman entails a 1% chance drop after overcoming Snakeman Luffy on Wilderness Island in the First Sea. After securing both Gear 4: Bounceman and Gear 4: Snakeman, proceed to Sengoku’s Domain within the Second Sea.


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Within the Sengoku Domain island, engage in the Aokiji Raid repeatedly, as persistence is key. After numerous completions, the Aokiji Raid presents a 1% chance of obtaining the Permission Scroll as a coveted drop.

Conquering Aokiji on wave 25 signifies the successful completion of the raid, granting access to the scroll and thus the ability to learn Gear 5.


Upon securing the elusive scroll, you can finally unlock Gear 5. However, its usage requires the collection of approximately 9000 additional gems.

These gems are crucial to awakening all the potent moves encapsulated within Gear 5, culminating in your mastery of this formidable ability.

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Using Gear 5 In A One Piece Game

To effectively harness Gear 5 within A One Piece Game, the awakening of each move using gems is essential. Investing 1,500 gems per move is necessary. The progression of moves unfolds as follows:

  • 1st awk: Gigant Stomp
  • 2nd awk: Handclap
  • 3rd awk: Kaminari
  • 4th awk: Drums of Liberation
  • 5th awk: Bajrang Gun
  • 6th awk: Observation Haki
  • 7th awk: Cloud Flight
  • 8th awk: Tricky Punch (M1)

In Conclusion

The journey to attain Gear 5 in ‘A One Piece Game’ on Roblox is as easy as following our guide above. Start by acquiring the Rubber Fruit from Logue Town, then challenge and defeat Luffy on his island to obtain Gear 2.

Conquer the Gear 4 Dungeon to obtain Gear 4: Bounceman and Gear 4: Snakeman, then engage in the Aokiji Raid on Sengoku’s Domain for the Permission Scroll.


This scroll grants access to Gear 5, but its full potential requires collecting around 9000 gems to awaken its powerful moves. Following this process, you will obtain gear 5 with ease. So, thoroughly understand this guide before you begin your quest to get gear 5 In ‘A One Piece Game.’

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