How To Get Festival Of Fire And Ice In Lost Ark

Every fan of Lost Ark knows that the game is designed in a way that promotes relationships between players of the game and the NPCs. Building rapport with the NPCs is very possible in the game and can enhance one’s chances of success.

This is because these non-playable characters will hand out presents and rewards. It is vital to at least take on the rapport NPCs that give out these rewards since some of them give out major items like Omnium Stars or Giant’s Hearts. 

However, it may take considerable time to establish a rapport with a non-player character (NPC). Regardless, this time can be reduced and the process quickened if you leverage an item called Festival of Fire and Ice. 


Players can increase an NPC’s affection for them by performing songs or dances. When you reach specific milestones in your relationship with them, you level up your rapport with them and become closer to them. 

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However, attachment benchmarks can increase to extremely high levels, which means it can take several weeks to fully reach maximum rapport with an NPC. 


By showing an NPC affection in the form of a present, you can shorten the time it takes to build rapport with that NPC, and this subsequently will enhance the amount of affection the NPC has for you. 

What Is Festival Of Fire And Ice?

The Festival of Fire and Ice item can be described as a Legendary-tier rapport item that adds 2,000 more affections to a character’s overall degree of fondness toward an NPC. You will be able to reach the highest possible rapport level with a non-player character very rapidly with the aid of this item.

How To Get The Festival Of Fire And Ice

Getting this item has been made possible in the game and it can be done in two ways.


Buy From Merchants

You can leverage the services of traveling merchants from your stronghold. Your Stronghold will be visited by merchants who will sell you a number of treats, one of which is an item referred to as the Festival of Fire and Ice. Here are the names of the merchants that sell the Festival of Fire and Ice.

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  • Duekhyeon 
  • Borza
  • Roehn 
  • Marte
  • Tuleu

You can acquire the Festival of Fire and Ice from the merchants with 2.135 Adventurer’s Seats. The dispatch feature in your stronghold will help you acquire this currency. 


It allows for the selection of one out of three seats. Meanwhile, you should dispatch daily to ensure that you can acquire the item to boost your rapport with an NPC.

Spend 1000 Jelly Coins On Slime Island

Jelly Coins are a unique currency that can only be obtained on Slime Island. They can be exchanged for other items at the stores run by Yulia and Laura, both of whom are also located on Slime Island. 

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These merchants sell products associated with the Festival of Fire and Ice, and you can buy one per week.

These two aforementioned processes will ensure you can acquire Festival of Fire and Ice and enhance your rapport with NPCs in the game.

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