How to Get Death Step in Blox Fruits

Let’s dive into the captivating world of Blox Fruits and explore the intriguing fighting style known as Death Step.

Blox Fruits is a captivating RPG experience within the Roblox platform, boasting an extensive array of weapons, abilities, and fighting styles.

Among them, Death Step stands out as a popular choice, and obtaining its ability can enhance your combat capabilities and make you a top player.


However, many players face challenges in acquiring this fighting style, which is why we’ve created this guide to assist you. So, let’s embark on this journey together and discover what Death Step is and how you can get its ability in the Blox Fruits game.

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What is Death Step In Roblox

Introduced in Update 13, Death Step is a unique combat technique that offers a range of fascinating skills and combinations that revolve around powerful leg-based attacks. It serves as an upgraded version of Dark Step and unleashes heightened power in every aspect.

Mastering the Death Step is a crucial step toward acquiring the coveted Godhuman fighting style and emphasizing the power of your legs rather than your arms. While it provides no additional buffs beyond regular Aura effects, its visual impact adds a touch of awe-inspiring flair to your battles.

Requirement To Get The Death Step In Roblox

  • Gather 5,000 Fragments
  • Amass 2,500,000 in-game currency
  • Attain mastery level 400 or above in Dark Step
  • Obtain the Library Key.

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How To Get Death Step In Blox Fruits

This step-by-step guide will help you on your journey to get the Death Step in Blox Fruits:

● Step 1

Seek out the Dark Step teacher and express your desire to learn Dark Step. Keep in mind that this technique requires an investment of 150,000 in-game currency. Once learned, you’ll notice visual flames on your legs, but remember that this is purely a visual effect and won’t enhance your attacks.

● Step 2

Focus on leveling up your Dark Step mastery to reach a minimum of 400. This will require dedication and practice, but it’s a crucial step in obtaining the Death Step.


● Step 3

Alongside mastering Dark Step, gather 5,000 fragments and accumulate 2,500,000 in-game currency. This will contribute to your progress in unlocking the Death Step.

● Step 4

Make your way to the main room of the Ice Castle, where you’ll face the formidable Awakened Ice Admiral. Defeating this adversary grants you a chance to obtain the Library Key. Keep battling until you acquire this key, as it’s vital for the next stage of your journey.

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● Step 5

Once you have the Library Key, use it to unlock the Library located within the Ice Castle. This will grant you access to a significant part of your quest.

● Step 6

Within the Library, seek out Phoeyu, the Reformed. Engage in a conversation with her, and she will offer to teach you the coveted Death Step. However, be prepared to pay 5,000 fragments and 2,500,000 in-game currency to learn this powerful technique.

● Step 7

Select the option to learn Death Step, and you’ll acquire the skill, unlocking a new chapter in your combat abilities.


By following these steps diligently, you’ll gain mastery over the Death Step, adding a formidable fighting style to your arsenal in Blox Fruits.

Features/Ability Of Death Steps

  • Dash forward
  • Kick enemy backward
  • Summon a Wind Blast
  • Kick quickly several times
  • Devil Flames

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In Conclusion

The Death Step stands as a potent fighting style within Blox Fruits. With its impressive range and striking capabilities, it holds a significant place among the game’s strongest techniques. By obtaining the Death Step, you will unlock a powerful tool that sets you apart from other players.


Which will also improve and enhance your abilities.

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