How To Get Cyborg Race In Blox Fruits

In the world of Blox Fruits, where pirates and warriors roam the virtual seas, one race stands out among the rest, and the Cyborg stands out because it’s enigmatic and powerful. While many players rely on luck and chance to determine their in-game destiny, the Cyborg race is a unique exception.

Additionally, aside from the Ghoul race, the Cyborg race stands as the sole option in Blox Fruits that players can acquire through completing Cyborg puzzle quests. Given its superior strength compared to other primary races, numerous players are eager to unlock it in their character profiles.

If you’re eager to unlock the potential of the Cyborg race and enhance your character profile, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled this guide on how to get the Cyborg race in Blox Fruits. So, let’s get started!


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What is Cyborg Race In Blox Fruits?

The Cyborg race, a captivating addition to the ever-expanding Blox Fruits universe, emerged with the arrival of Update 14. This pivotal update ushered in a wave of excitement, unveiling new frontiers for players to explore and conquer.

It grants access to a world of possibilities, where your newfound abilities can reshape the course of your adventures. The Cyborg race, with its fascinating abilities, has become an alluring choice for those seeking a truly extraordinary gameplay experience.


Requirement To Unlocking The Cyborg Race

  • Find a fist of darkness
  • Get a Core Brain
  • 2500 fragments

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How To Get Cyborg Race In Blox Fruits

To embark on the path towards becoming a Cyborg in Blox Fruits, your journey begins with the Cyborg puzzle that challenges layers to obtain the Fist of Darkness. To obtain this item, there are two primary methods that players can pursue.

The first method involves confronting the formidable Sea Beast, a fearsome creature that roams the open sea areas of the second and third seas in Blox Fruits.


This monstrous being, known for its ferocity, guards the precious Fist of Darkness as a drop reward. Slaying the Sea Beast becomes a thrilling battle of skill and strategy, where victory brings forth the spoils of war – the coveted Fist of Darkness.

This method boasts a relatively high item spawn rate, making it the most reliable and efficient means of obtaining this crucial item.

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The second method involves scouring the seas in search of randomly spawned chests. These chests, available every four hours after the server starts, have a chance of containing a single Fist of Darkness.

However, it’s essential to note that relying solely on chest spawns can be an unpredictable and unreliable endeavor. Due to the uncertain nature of chest spawns and their limited availability, it is strongly advised to prioritize engaging in combat with Sea Beasts, as they offer a more consistent and rewarding path toward obtaining the Fist of Darkness.

Once you’ve successfully acquired the Fist of Darkness, your adventure takes a thrilling turn as you dive into the depths of the Order raid.


The raid serves as the ultimate proving ground, pushing your skills to the limit. Your objective is to retrieve the coveted Core Brain, a crucial component for the transformation into a Cyborg.

Once you’ve emerged victorious from the Order raid with the Core Brain in your possession, you are on the path of transformation. With the coveted components assembled, your character undergoes a breathtaking evolution, morphing into a fearsome Cyborg, with enhanced abilities and powers beyond imagination.

How To Evolve The Cyborg Race from V1 to V2

To obtain the Cyborg Race V2, players must complete the Alchemist’s Flower Quest, a quest shared among all races. By successfully completing this quest, players will unlock the evolved version of the Cyborg Race, harnessing even greater power and potential.


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Then, to evolve the Cyborg Race from V1 to V2, players must complete the challenging Colosseum Quest, offered by Bartilo in the bustling café. This quest tests your mettle and requires formidable skills to overcome the obstacles and emerge victorious.

Once the Colosseum Quest is conquered, players will need to invest 500,000 Cash as the cost of this evolution. With these requirements fulfilled, the Alchemist in the Green Zone becomes the bearer of V2 Races.


How To Evolve The Cyborg Race from V2 to V3

The path to evolve from V2 to V3 demands even greater dedication and resources. To begin this transformation, players must already possess the V2 Race version and have accomplished the monumental Flamingo Quest. The Flamingo Quest serves as a testament to your progress and growth, pushing your abilities to the limit.

Once these requirements are met, players must be prepared to invest a substantial sum of 2,000,000 Cash to unlock the V3 evolution.

Seeking out the secret entrance in the Flower Plains and completing Arowe’s quest, will grant players the awe-inspiring Cyborg Race V3, an epitome of power and dominance.


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In Conclusion

In the vibrant universe of Blox Fruits, the Cyborg Race stands as a remarkable testament. Through the completion of the enigmatic Cyborg Puzzle, players can unlock this extraordinary race and embark on a journey of power, transformation, and unparalleled abilities.

Furthermore, the developers of Blox Fruits have ensured that the Cyborg Race remains a dynamic and evolving force within the game. Updates, such as the changes to the V3 ability in Update 17, keep the gameplay experience fresh and engaging, offering players new strategies and opportunities to master their Cyborg abilities.


So, embrace the wonders of the Cyborg Race, unlock its hidden potential, discover the true extent of its power, and become a legend in Blox Fruits.

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