How To Get Ace of Spades In Destiny 2?

In this post, you will learn the easiest way you can obtain Ace of Spades In Destiny 2. Ace of Spades is no ordinary hand cannon in Destiny 2.

It’s a one-of-a-kind pistol that belonged to a legendary character named Cayde-6. However, In the Forsaken story, a not-so-nice guy named Uldren Sov takes the gun from Cayde-6 and uses it to do something really bad.

He uses Ace of Spades to hurt Cayde-6. It’s a sad moment for sure. And the good news is that, though, later on, a hero called the Guardian comes into the picture and takes back Ace of Spades.


Even though it went through some tough times, the legendary hand cannon still has a chance to be in the hands of someone good. However, you too can get the Ace of Spades from Cayde-6, but how?

Let’s learn.

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How To Get Ace of Spades In Destiny 2?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make Ace of Spade yours:

Step 1: Defeat The Chimera

Ace of Spades is yours after a dramatic clash with the Chimera at the end of the Nothing Left to Say story mission. However, it needs some TLC from Banshee-44, the gunsmith, to become awesome.

Step 2: The Recalibration

Once you’ve got Ace of Spades in your hands, head back to Banshee-44. He’ll tell you that the gun needs a little fine-tuning to become usable.


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Step 3: The Exotic Questline

Banshee-44 hands you an Exotic Questline to complete. Brace yourself; this journey has several twists and turns:

  1. Gambit Challenge: To start, you’ll need to collect some biorhythmic data. This fancy term essentially means you’ll have to use Hand Cannons to defeat enemies and invaders in Gambit matches.
  2. Strikes: Get 250 hand cannon kills in strikes.
  3. Crucible Precision: Sharpen your aim and score 25 hand cannon precision (headshot) kills in the Crucible.
  4. Cayde’s Stash Chests: Channel your inner treasure hunter. Seek out the Cayde’s Stash chests hidden in four different locations across Io, Nessus, European Dead Zone, and Tangled Shore. Each stash has a unique hiding spot.
  5. Ace in the Hole: Complete the mission known as Ace in the Hole. This is where the real fun begins, and it’s tied to the legacy of Cayde-6.
  6. Back to Banshee: After you’ve conquered all these challenges, return to Banshee-44 to claim your fully calibrated Ace of Spades.

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In your adventure to obtain the Ace of Spades in Destiny 2, you’ve discovered that this hand cannon has quite the story behind it.

But how can you make it yours? I’ve broken it down into simple steps for you: Defeat the Chimera, pay a visit to Banshee-44 for recalibration, and venture on an Exotic Quest Line filled with challenges.

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