How To Get A Mystery Box In Pokemon Go

It is no more news that the Mystery Box is an exclusive object in Pokemon Go that allows players to come across the rare Mythical Meltan. However, there is a particular approach that must be understood before gaining access to it.

Although Mystery Boxes have been present in the renowned mobile game from Niantic for some time, some users are still unaware of how to acquire them. Nonetheless, obtaining one is a simple task once you learn the steps involved.

How to Get Mystery Box in Pokemon GO

Players who are interested in obtaining a Meltan Mystery Box, which is used to catch the Mythical Pokémon Meltan, have two options to acquire it.


1, The first option is to own one of the two compatible games, Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu or Let’s Go Eevee, and reach a significant point in the game to unlock the Mystery Box feature. This typically requires players to progress through the game’s story and catch a specific number of Pokémon.

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2. The second option is to use Pokemon Home, a cloud-based storage service for Pokémon, which offers a more cost-effective way to obtain the Mystery Box. By completing certain objectives within Pokemon Home, players can receive a Mystery Box without having to purchase a Let’s Go game or spend significant time playing through it.


Therefore, if players are looking for a way to acquire a Meltan Mystery Box without spending too much money or dedicating a lot of time to playing the Let’s Go games, they may prefer to use Pokemon Home instead.

Using Pokemon Home

Gamers must download the Pokemon Home app and set up a Nintendo account to use the cloud-based service to transfer their Pokemon across different games and devices.

They need to use the same Nintendo account on both devices to authenticate the transfer. By selecting the Pokemon Home option in Pokemon GO, players can link their accounts and choose which Pokemon to transfer. While using Pokemon Home is convenient, it requires attention to detail during setup to ensure a smooth transfer process.


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How to Use the Mystery Box in Pokemon GO

Once the connection is established, gamers can move their Pokemon from Pokemon GO to Pokemon Home, and in return, they will receive a complimentary Meltan Mystery Box.

It is beneficial for players to acquire multiple Meltans since it takes 400 Meltan Candy to evolve one into Melmetal. As previously mentioned, Melmetal can only be evolved in Pokemon GO, which means that it cannot be evolved in other Switch games after being transferred.


Moreover, Melmetal is a steel-type Pokemon and has the capability to Gigantamax into Gigantamax Melmetal after transferring it to Pokemon Sword or Shield.

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The Mystery Box in Pokemon Go lets players catch the rare Mythical Meltan, but they must follow certain steps to access it. One way is to own Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu or Let’s Go Eevee and reach a certain point in the game to unlock the Mystery Box feature.


The other way is to use Pokemon Home, where players can complete certain objectives to get a Mystery Box. Once connected, players can transfer their Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home to receive a complimentary Mystery Box.

It’s beneficial to acquire multiple Meltans, as 400 Meltan Candy is required to evolve one into Melmetal, which can only be evolved in Pokemon Go. Additionally, Melmetal can Gigantamax after being transferred to Pokemon Sword or Shield.

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