How To Get A Gun In East Brickton

You choose how to exist in Roblox East Brickton. As known, this is a city where most players want to rule over others by eliminating them, therefore, to show them who owns the city, you will need to buy a gun.

To do so, you first need a gun license. With your license, you can purchase a gun, and also engage in combat or just protect yourself from foes.

How To Buy A Gun With Brickton Bux In Roblox East Brickton

You may not know where and how to purchase a gun with Brickton Bux in Roblox East Brickton. With my guide, I will show you how to obtain lots of Brickton Bux and also how to buy a gun permit and ultimately, a gun in Roblox East Brickton to defend yourself or engage in combat.

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How to Get Brickton Bux

To buy a gun permit or a gun, you will need lots of Brickton Bux as much as you can. In that case, to get the Roblox Bux, you will also need a lot of Robux. That lands us on how to get a job in Roblox East Brickton.

It’s not easy getting a job in East Brickton. But you may be able to get a job by going to the Key Resource Employment (Job Center). Here, you will get lots of jobs as they’re listed there.

Where is the Gun Shop in Roblox East Brickton?

Now you have gotten a job and obtained enough Brickton Bux, let’s go to Roblox East Brickton to purchase a gun permit and a gun.

To find the Gun Shop, you will take off from Mercy Hospital where you always spawn at gameplay, then travel to your right until you see a street sign that shows Kent Ave. this road borders the water that is directly opposite Mercy Hospital.

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When you’re at Kent Ave, the Gun Shop is about 3 blocks along. You will need to travel straight down Kent Ave. you will pass Bedford Ave. and York St. at this point, you will enter North Kent. Down the road, you should turn to the corner of the parking lot which is at the same location as the Gun Shop.

The Gun Shop can be found at the corner of Comstock Rd. It’s a brick building and has a Crack in one of its windows. Once you have reached the shop, click on the front entrance door to enter the building.

How To Get A Gun Permit And Firearm At The Gun Store in East Brickton

Now you’re inside the Gun Shop, you should speak to Tyson Birkley who is the store clerk NPC and select the ‘May I purchase a firearm license’ option. You will need 1,000 Brickton Bux to purchase a firearm license.

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After you got your license, speak to Tyson Birkley again and choose the ‘Can I see your selections please?’ option, this will bring up a range of firearms and their cost to choose from. These guns have different varieties which makes the prices different also. Their prices range from 3,000 to 15,000 Brickton Bux.

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