How To Find Stash Houses In GTA Online

If you have been playing Grand Theft Auto Online, you have most likely already encountered the collecting event known as Stash House. Before we proceed, we know that this game is enthralling and you should know that this quest is one of the features of the game that makes it so.

In this quest, you can leverage any means of conveyance that you can access to get to the region where a stash home is located. However, before you can claim the goodies, you must defeat the enemies now occupying the stash house.

In order to get into the safe in a stash home, you are going to need the key code that is written on the yellow sticky note. This code can be discovered in the area near the stash house.


Take your time as you make your way around the setting in order to locate the key code. Read on to understand how to successfully go about this quest in GTA Online.

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How To Find Safe Codes For Stash Houses in GTA Online

It is required that you have the key code in order to enter the safe that you will obtain in the stash home. The code consists of six numbers and is written on yellow paper as pointed out previously. Do well to check the areas around the walls and pillars, as well as the table itself if it still has objects on it.


You can use any of the 10 codes below to crack open any safe you come across when searching a stash home.

  • 01-23-45
  • s28-11-97
  • s77-79-73
  • s28-03-98
  • s73-27-38
  • s72-68-83
  • 05-02-91
  • s24-10-81
  • s02-12-87
  • s44-23-37

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Brief Info About GTA Online Stash Homes

For seasoned players of the game, it is no longer news that the stash house in GTA Online is held by drug traffickers, and in order to escape danger, you will need to defeat them and take their rightful place.


The safe holds a lot of goodies, and the codes provided in this article can be used to get into it and get them out. As you play Grand Theft Auto Online, you will come across one stash house every twenty-four hours. It’s not a countdown like in other games; rather, the game 24 hours simulates an actual day.

Meanwhile, you should be able to find stash houses at any of the locations mentioned in this article with the aid of the map below.

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gta online stash houses map

  • The area of Paleto Bay which is quite near Pyrite Avenue is a common spawning ground for Stash House.
  • It can also appear at the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness site, which is near the Great Ocean Highway.
  • Stash House can also be found at the Grapeseed location, close to Union Road.
  • You can find a spawn stash house in the Strawberry area by traveling to the site between Strawberry Avenue and Innocence Boulevard.
  • There have been multiple reports of players seeing a stash home appear in the El Rancho Boulevard area of East Los Santos.
  • You can find one at La Puerta, between Mutiny Road and South Arsenal Street.
  • Dutch London Street in South Los Santos is another location in which a Stash home can spawn.
  • In East Los Santos, you can find one on Orchard Ville Avenue.
  • Another place for the spawning of stash houses may be found by traveling to Tonga Valley, which is located close to Highway 68.
  • Cat-Claw Avenue in Grand Senora Desert can generate a stash house
  • If you want to find a stash home in Chumash, you should go to the area just between Great Ocean Highway and Barbareno Road.
  • There is a second stash house at Baytree Canyon Road. Just along the outskirts of the road to locate the stash house.
  • While you are traveling to the Senora Freeway, you will see a stash home located closer to it.
  • You’ll find a spawn stash house on the north side of the Alamo Sea.
  • Between Union Road and the Senora Freeway, there has been a report of another stash house.

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  • You can find one by traveling to Morningwood and getting as close to Dorset Drive as possible.
  • When you go to Sandy Shores, you’ll find stash houses in the area between Armadillo Avenue and Niland Avenue.
  • Check on Joshua Road in Sandy Shores; this is the same location where a stash home can be found.
  • You can find a stash house in the town of Harmony on Highway 68.
  • You will find one if you go to Eclipse Boulevard.
  • On Las Lagunas Boulevard, there is also a chance for the spawning of stash houses.
  • There is a stash house between Alta Street and Power Street.
  • You need to get closer to West Mirror Drive in order to find a stash house.
  • Go to the center of Vitus Street and Cortes Street at Vespucci to find one.
  • Finally, you will find stash houses on Little Seoul’s Vespucci Boulevard.

Final Words

Do well to leverage all these aforementioned locations to find stash houses in GTA Online.


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