How To Evolve Pawmo Into Pawmot

Pawmi is one of the evolution methods in the popular game Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Evolving Pawmi and Pawmo into Pawmot involves a unique evolution method that distinguishes it from other Pokemon evolution lines.

Pawmo is the second transformation of Pawmi at level 18. While Pawmot is the final evolution by evolving Pawmo.

One unique feature of Pawmot is its ability to learn the special move called Revival Blessing, similar to Rabsca. This move can revive one of your fainted Pokémon party members, making Pawmot an invaluable addition to your team. With its adorable appearance and useful move, Pawmot is a great choice for any Pokemon trainer looking for a reliable and adorable companion.


In this guide, we will cover the steps required to evolve Pawmo into Pawmi and eventually into Pawmot in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Let’s get started!

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How To Evolve Pawmi Into Pawmo

To evolve Pawmi into Pawmo, you must first locate Pawmi. Pawmi can be easily located in the early areas of the game. One example is Poco Path, which is located north of your character’s house.


When located, Pawmi will evolve into a Pawmo at Level 18. While Pawmi starts as a pure Electric-type, its evolution, Pawmo, becomes a dual-type Electric and Fighting Pokemon.

How To Evolve Pawmo Into Pawmot

Pawmo can be caught in various areas in the wild. To evolve Pawmo into Pawmot, you must walk with it in Let’s Go mode by releasing it from its Poké Ball using the R button. After taking 1,000 steps, Pawmo will evolve into Pawmot once it levels up. You can level it up by battling with other Pokemon or using a Rare Candy.

Although there is no visible pedometer or step counter in the game, you can still track your progress by walking with Pawmo for a while and leveling it up later. If it doesn’t evolve, you simply need to walk with it more.


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However, be mindful not to run too fast, or Pawmo will return to its Poké Ball. To avoid this, crouch and sneak around by pressing the B button while exploring areas like Mesagoza.

In Conclusion

Evolving Pokemon is an essential aspect of the Pokemon gaming experience, and the methods of evolution can vary greatly depending on the game and the specific Pokemon.


Thus, evolving Pawmi into Pawmot in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet requires a unique method of walking. While it may take some time to evolve, the end result is worth it, as Pawmot learns the powerful move, Revival Blessing, making it a valuable asset to any Pokemon party.

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