How To Deflect Attacks In High On Life

High On Life is an action game that’s very interesting and good for time passage. You need to learn one great important skill which is to deflect attacks.

This is a very important skill if you ever wish to survive in an action-packed-paced game. There are many occasions you will need to deflect attacks from heavy enemies. High On Life is relatively new and most players are still battling to learn this skill.

If you’re one of such, then go on t read this article as we have provided the necessary steps on how to deflect attacks High on Life.


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High On Life was released by Squanch Games as a comedy-based first-person shooter game. It is a 3D design with alluring graphics and an environment. The game concept holds that the Earth was invaded by an alien cartel known as G3.

You will play as a bounty hunter against these fallen aliens to protect the inhabitants of the Earth. There are many bosses to defeat as you journey up the game and one of them is Garmantuous.


You will also defeat its gang with numerous types of Gatlians (talking guns.) The more you face tough enemies, the more you will deflect many attacks to keep going. Without this knowledge, you can’t survive in the game.

Best Way To Deflect Attacks in High on Life

Although you don’t know how to deflect attacks High on Life, buts it’s quite easy to do so. Be informed that not all kinds of attacks can be deflected.

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The attacks that can deflect with ease are charged attacks, grenades, or when you’re shot missiles. To deflect these strenuous attacks, you should quickly press the melee button shown on the screen at the right time.

To get it right, you should hit the melee key before the attack gets to you. If you’re playing the game on PC, use key “F” to apply melee. While on Xbox, you will make use of the right stick of the controller.

But note that you can’t deflect attacks, whether heavy or small if you don’t have the talking knife, Knifey. It’s important to get it. it’s a blade of Gene Zaroothian that is unlocked when you kill the two ants going to sell the knife.


You will come across these ants when you start the find 9-torg bounty mission. This comes up after Bounty 5000 when you wear the bounty suit of Gene.

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Final Thoughts

This is the method you need to apply and learn how to deflect attacks High on Life.


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