How To Complete The Secret of The Spring Quest In Diablo 4?

This is a guide to solving the secret of the spring quest In Diablo 4. In Diablo 4, Secret of the Spring is a side quest you can discover at Kylsik Plateau.

These quests are extra missions, when you complete them, you get rewards. However, the rewards are usually XP and Gold, and what you get depends on how tough you are at your level.

And If you finish a lot of side quests in one area, people start noticing, and you start becoming a local hero. To get these side quests, sometimes, things happen around you, like events and all.


Or you chat with those non-player characters (NPCs) hanging around. With that said, In this guide, you will learn how you can solve the side quest.

Let’s dive In.

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How To Solve The Secret of The Spring Quest In Diablo 4?

Firstly, head north of Kyovashad, next to the Forsaken Quarry dungeon, you can’t miss it, just check your map. Look out for the blue exclamation mark, and get the Discard Note on the ground.

If you’ve got that, good. Now, this note is going to take you on a stroll. Follow its guidance north to a comfortable pool.

However, these quests hit you with a riddle to solve. And, you’re going to use the “Wait” emote. Press the E key (or whatever you’ve mapped it to), or give your controller’s down button a tap.


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Find the Wait emote, and drag it to your hot bar. Click on that emote, and you will see how your character will say something like “Wait” or “Halt.”

In the end, If a chest appears just north of the pool, go ahead, open it, and claim your reward. By doing this, you’ve completed and solved the side Quest.


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