How To Complete Lost Ark Her Majesty’s Holiday – Full Guide

The fun that can be derived from playing Lost Ark cannot be overemphasized. The game has deliverables and they ensure that players remain hooked.

Meanwhile, it is no more news that the primary mission in Lost Ark is not the only story taking place on the continent, although it offers its share of fun and excitement for players of the game.

You can find and finish all of the game’s Hidden Stories if you want to learn everything there is to know about the story that Lost Ark has to offer. 


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Hidden Stories can be found throughout the game in various locations. However, will you be able to finish all the hidden stories without some hints? It remains to be seen as we will be given hints on Lost Ark Her Majestys Holiday in this article.

Her Majesty’s Holiday is one of the Hidden Stories in Lost Ark, and it can be accessed early on in the game by going to Vern Castle. This can be done at any point in the game. 


Detailed instructions about how to finish the quest are provided below for those who are unsure how to proceed. 

How To Complete Her Majesty’s Holiday In Lost Ark

1. Visit The Queen Ealyn

To get started with Her Majesty’s Holiday Hidden Story, you must first pay a visit to the particular Her Majesty that is being referred to. 

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In this particular instance, it is Queen Ealyn who may be found in Vern Castle. She is currently in Point 1 on the above map, which corresponds to the throne room of the castle. You are going to be tasked with assisting a number of the people that live in her castle. 

1. Assist Avele Of Vern

Your first task should be to offer assistance to Avele, who is the Knight Commander of Vern. On the map that was just displayed, you can find her at Point 2. 

You are going to be entrusted with reporting to the Queen, which means that you are going to have to walk back to the Queen to deliver the report. 


1. Return To The Queen

During your journey, you will come across a cutscene in which the Queen will be venting her frustrations over the inhabitants of the area. After the cutscene, proceed forward and get closer to the Queen. 

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1. Keep Her Company

It would appear that Queen Ealyn is looking for some company and wants you to stay with her. However, check the audience chamber first to see if anyone is eavesdropping. 


You can do this by heading to Point 3 on the map and interacting with the marker that is located at the entrance to the audience chamber. 

This will allow you to see who else is in the area. Also, as you are in the company of the Queen all by yourself, you should go back to her and share the good news with her. 

1. Have Some Fun With Queen Ealyn

At this point, you will be expected to pull off an amazing getaway while also having fun with the Queen. It is up to you to divert the attention of Knight Berrick so that the Queen can sneak by him and have some fun for a change. 


After the Queen has left, proceed into the Vern Castle region and make your way to Creation Plaza, where Queen Ealyn is waiting. Point 5 on the map is the location where you will find her. Have a conversation with her and catch some fun with her. 

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1. Run Another Errand For The Queen

You may have had fun with her but she is still a queen, and as such, she is going to send you on an errand to purchase some freshly squeezed apple juice for her. Proceed to the Drink Merchant located at Point 6 on the aforementioned map to acquire a beverage for Her Majesty. 


Once you have the reviving beverage in your possession, you should go back to Ealyn to deliver it to her. This time, she is in a different location. Therefore, you’ll have to move to Point 7 on the map. 

1. Share A Drink With Queen Ealyn

You’ll receive an invitation from her to share a glass of apple juice with her if you interact with the location on the ground next to the Queen. Accept the invitation, and the two of you can enjoy a beverage together. Have a conversation with Ealyn and you will be given your next mission. 

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1. Your Next Mission

Your next mission is to bring a storybook to a group of youngsters so that they can read the conclusion to the story that she was telling them earlier.

The queen will go back to the castle on her own, so it will be up to you to deliver the book to the children. You can find the youngsters at Point 8 on the map, which is just a few steps away. 

1. Final Move

After that, all that is left to do is head back to the Palace and have a conversation with the Queen, who has returned to the throne room where she was before. 


Once this is done, you will have completed Lost Ark Her Majesty’s Holiday and you can choose the next quest to go for. The aforementioned steps are proven steps that will ensure that you complete Her Majesty’s Holiday in Lost Ark. Do well to leverage the information.

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