Tips To Give Cheers To Diablo 4’s Training Militia

This is a guide to cheer on the training militia In Diablo 4. The training militia is a group of soldiers learning the ropes from Guard Boza. You’ll find them all over the game place, and your job is to give them a shout of encouragement like cheer them up.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Where you can find the training militia In Diablo 4
  • How you can cheer on the training militia In the game

Let’s dive In.


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Where To Find The Training Militia In Diablo 4?

To find the training militia Diablo 4, open up your in-game map, and look for little green icons. The green Icons are your cue.

And to be sure is the training militia or just another warrior, look for the men with helmets, decorated out in body armor, and carrying weapons.


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How To Cheer on The Training Militia In Diablo 4?

Now that you’ve found the training militia, let us cheer them up. First of all, get your character near the training militia. If you want to do this on the keyboard, tap ‘E’ on your keyboard or hit up the D-pad if you’re using a controller.

This move opens up the Emote Wheel which is your access to cheer the training militia. Once you’re in the Emote Wheel, use your mouse to scroll up.


Because that’s how you switch to the Cheer emote option. With that said, now that you’ve found the Cheer emote, left-click on it, your character will raise a triumphant fist and throw out a hearty ‘Well Done’ to the training militia.

However, cheering up the warriors also comes with rewards. To claim your bonuses, go back to Guard Boza at the familiar location where you started the Diablo 4 Raising Spirits quest. You’ll get yourself plenty of cash and XP, that’s what I call a win-win.

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