How To Cheat In Kahoot

It can be recalled that Kahoot was launched as a learning platform. And with time, the platform has turned the learning process into a game making the learning now more fun and addicting. Students now enjoy the platform better as they can play games and learn on the go. Also, the game allows them to see their performance and intelligence.

So, basically, in Kahoot, teachers create quizzes for their students to go through.

With the platform, teachers can access their students IQ. The gaming platform was very useful during the pandemic as it encouraged learning from home.

How to use Kahoot?

Kahoot is a digital product and can be played on your mobile phone and PC as well. You can play it with your browser also.

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If a teacher wants to create quizzes for her students. You can visit and select the question type you want to give your students. Your question options answers can range from 2 to 4. There is also an aspect to set a time limit to answer each question.

Once you’re done setting the questions and other features to keep the quiz in line. Kahoot will give you a permission pin known as Game Pin.

This is the game pin every student must have before they can access the platform. With the pin, your students can join the game and start answering the questions. The students who answer the questions will be rewarded with some rewards to encourage them. That’s why all students want to play this quiz.

Can You Cheat in Kahoot?

Yes! You can cheat in Kahoot! But it’s not straightforward to cheat in the quiz game. This is because is a tech system. And for that, any route to cheat is always looked for as a block. But it is also a tech platform, and there are other ways we can walk around it. That’s fun.

So, no matter how difficult they have made cheating impossible in the game. We have broken the back and will walk you through it now. Just pay attention to every detail of this article so as not to make a mistake.

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You can cheat in Kahoot by using some extensions, websites, and other ways we will be discussing here. Sadly, if you’re using your phone to play Kahoot, you will find it very difficult to cheat.

How to Cheat Quiz in Kahoot?

There are diverse ways on the internet to cheat as said above. The sad aspect is that most of these online platform claims they can help you to cheat. They won’t get you to the last point of the game.

Therefore, you’re left to figure your way out again. Below, we have gathered some information with guidelines on how to cheat with them. We recommend using the Chrome browser as their extension is most capable of helping you cheat.

Cheat Kahoot with Chrome Extension

Since Kahoot can be played on browsers, then, you can access it with the Chrome browser. We have gotten a Chrome extension to enable you to cheat. Here is it.

Kahoot Flooder: This is a Chrome extension that permits the addition of bots in the Kahoot quiz. Or you can get it to do the final quiz for you and you will win. This is the only available Kahoot Chrome extension cheat out there. Grab it now and install it on your Chrome browser.

Other Cheating Methods

There are other methods you can cheat on Kahoot without the Chrome browser. But this depends on how versatile and skillful you are on the internet. If you’re someone like me, then, you’re good to go.

1. By Opening Two tabs

This is another method that has proven effective. Launching two tabs of the game on your browser can help you cheat. So, on how to do this.

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  • You will need to create your official account and another anonymous account.
  • So, launch the platform in two tabs.
  • Login on one tab with your official account and the other with the other account.
  • Now, go to the quiz you want to take.
  • Select the same type of quiz on the two accounts.
  • Start answering the questions first with the fake account.
  • This will allow you to see the answer and answer correctly with your main account.

1. Using different Browser and VPN

This is another method to cheat in Kahoot. You can use a VPN to clone your IP address and cheat in the game. Though, Kahoot has witnessed some upgrades. Don’t be surprised if this method should fail. But just try the steps here.

To use this method, you will need two different browsers:

  • Start your VPN and connect your PC to it.
  • On your system, launch your Chrome browser and Firefox browser
  • Now, the VPN will change your browser IP address thereby preventing Kahoot from recognizing you.
  • You are good to cheat Kahoot with this.

However, we recommend using two different devices to run this. It will be much better and you can cheat with ease.

1. Using Google

This is the easiest method out there. And it can help get good marks faster. But, you have to be great and astute to use this method. Why? Google will provide answers to the question and you must be very fast to answer them. But you will need a very fast internet connection and high-speed broadband or Wi-Fi.


Finally, we have been able to walk you through the cheating methods you can apply in Kahoot. But in as much as cheating makes the game easier.

We do not encourage you to cheat as the game is to help you learn. And not to cheat yourself. No knowledge is a waste, and you can’t cheat your way to success. Therefore, it’s better to get your book and study very well to pass the test.

And if you insist on cheating, you can see that the steps discussed here are not easy. And you will probably need PCs to effectively cheat with a VPN. Also, when you try to cheat in this game, you will be sharing your data with a third party which is also harmful to you. In essence, the best way to learn is to study and not to cheat.

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