The Correct Steps To Change Your Appearance In Diablo 4

This is a guide to change your appearance In Diablo 4. We all can give our characters a fresh new look, and can only do this with the Transmog feature, and wardrobe.

You can make your items look like something you’ve found or bought at the Shop, which only sells cosmetic items. However, there are five places for changing how your Helmets, Chests, Gloves, Pants, and Boots look.

If you want your weapons to have a new appearance, check out the Items tab. The number of areas depends on your character’s class.


In no time, allow me to share with you how you can change your appearance In the game. But before that, you will learn how you can use the wardrobe and Transmog features.

Let’s dive In.

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When Can I Use The Wardrobe And Transmogs Feature in Diablo 4?

In Diablo 4, the Wardrobe and Transmogs feature can be used right from the start when you hit Kyovashad during the Prologue section of the Main Quests.

You do not need to unlock secret powers, it’s right there for you. One of the best moments In the game is when you’re in Kyovashad, doing your thing in the game’s early stages before Act I started.

During the Main Quests called Rite of Passage and Missing Pieces, you can dive into the wardrobe surprises. To find the wardrobe, head north in Kyovashad.


There, in the same room as your Stash, you’ll discover the wardrobe waiting for your fashion-forward decisions. So, you don’t need to wait for some high-level quest, your style upgrade is just a stroll away in Kyovashad. Interact with that wardrobe, and let the transmogrification begin.

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How To Change Your Appearance In Diablo 4?

Once you’ve got the Transmog unlocked in Diablo 4, changing your character’s look becomes easy. But you must keep an eye out for those wardrobe icons on the map, especially in the towns and cities.


When you find the wardrobe, open it up. If your armor is getting dull, dive into styles and pigments to craft a look that wow you.

Pro tip: if you’re craving more Transmog options, go on a gear hunt. Look for those items that promise to “Unlock a new look on salvage.”

Get them and head to the blacksmith. Salvage them,  and you have new Transmog options. The best part is that Diablo 4’s Transmog system is forgiving.


In case you change your mind about the new appearance, simply head to your inventory, select the gear piece, and hit “Hide Transmog.”

Just like that, it’s back to its original recognition. In addition, to switch up your character’s appearance hit the wardrobes where you go for the Transmog system.

Once inside, move to the appearance tab. From clothing style to makeup, jewelry, and markings, it’s your one-stop shop for a total change. In a nutshell, once you’ve unlocked the Transmog wonder, the world (and wardrobe) is your oyster in Diablo 4.


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