How To Change Cult Name In Cult Of The Lamb

Cult Of The Lamb Change Cult Name 

Cult of the Lamb is the trending indie game at the moment. There are a bunch of reasons contributing to why this game is successful. The reasons include the concept, the unique idea behind the game, and a host of others. Honestly, it is very hard and uncommon to not like the entirety of this weirdness mixed.

Yes, you can be a cult leader for real but the hard part is when and how you can rename your cult in Cult of the Lamb. Though it is easy to some extent, we are not going to overlook the conditions that must be met to achieve this.


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When Can You Rename Your Cult in Cult of the Lamb?

There are two methods widely known to change your cult name in the Cult of the Lamb. The first one is a kind of natural method that happens automatically, it is scripted in the storyline. The second one is like a “1337 h4x0r”-y type of activity.

Method #1

What to have in mind here is that this method is a one-time namechange thing. So, ensure that you choose the best name for your cult as it will last forever.


As you continue to advance in the game, you will get to a point where you will defeat an enemy with the name Valefar. After you have done this and the dungeon is completed, move back to your cult. One of your followers will approach you at some point. This point is the point of no return where you will have to determine the name your cult bears permanently.

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If by any incident you have already past this stage of the storyline. The next option left is to hack into the game script unless you want to start the entire game all over again.


Method #2

This is a helpful tool/mod to change your name as it was delivered by the gaming community, Pentalex’s GitHub page in particular. It contains a Save File Decryptor for Cult of the Lamb.

When you’re on the page, you will be guided to the location of your saved file. Then it will be decrypted and delivered to you with an option to download it.

Notepad++ is a free tool with plenty of great uses. With it, you can edit the saved file more precisely because it sorts the code better than the stock Windows Notepad program.


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When you have successfully modded the unencrypted save file and changed the name of your cult (you can find it under the string “Cult Name” which you can find with Ctrl + F). Copy it from the download folder to the original fold and overwrite the old save file with the old cult name.

However, you should not forget that the modifications that you’re implementing are at your own risk. So, ensure to back the original file(s) up before you replace them. This is to ensure that you can still return to the old state of the game if anything goes wrong.


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