Changing Characters in GTA 5; How to Go About it

Despite being launched over seven years ago, Grand Theft Auto 5 continues to be a popular game. Rockstar can partially attribute this to GTA Online, which has developed into a sizable community that will probably stick around until GTA 6 is published.

Players need to know how to switch between the three protagonists to enjoy the game’s story and gameplay fully. Here’s how to do it in Grand Theft Auto 5.

You can switch between Franklin, Trevor, and Michael in Grand Theft Auto V, the first game in the series to have three characters.

As a result, players could follow the plot of the game via different characters of the same game. GTA 5 allows players to see the main plot from three distinct angles by taking control of three separate characters. Here’s how to change between characters in the game.

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Character Changing In GTA 5 (How It’s Done)

Let’s understand how to switch Grand Theft Auto V characters across different platforms.

1. Changing Characters on a Computer

It’s interesting to note that GTA 5’s console features were released for PC users much later. But in GTA 5, similar capabilities allowed players to swap between characters.

In three simple steps, you may easily switch your character in GTA 5 on a PC.


  • Before switching to the required character, ensure you have unlocked it.
  • Instead, players must press the ALT Key because the PC keyboard lacks a D-pad. Depress the ALT key. You will notice a wheel appear in the lower right corner of your screen, where you can view every character that is accessible.
  • Point the cursor where you want the character to be selected.
  • Let go of the ALT key. Congratulations! Now, you can alter your character in Grand Theft Auto V on a PC.

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2. Changing Characters on PlayStation

PlayStation users can switch up their persona in Grand Theft Auto 5 by hitting certain buttons on their system. As previously said, the process is the same across all platforms.

But the console buttons are the only thing that are different. Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough for character changing in Grand Theft Auto 5 on a PS4 or PS4:


  • Hold down the down button on your D-pad. Your screen will display a wheel with all possible characters in the lower right corner.
  • A PlayStation console’s DOWN key
  • Move the RIGHT ANALOG STICK to select the character you wish to employ.

In GTA 5, as you let go of the down button, your character changes to the chosen one.

3. Changing Characters on Xbox

The console buttons on an Xbox and a Playstation are identical. As a result, changing characters on an Xbox is comparable to doing so on a PlayStation. Here are the steps:

  • Hold down the D-pad’s DOWN BUTTON. Your screen will display a wheel with all possible characters in the lower right corner.
  • Using the Xbox console’s down key.
  • Move the RIGHT ANALOG STICK to select the character you wish to switch.
  • Hit the “DOWN” button. In Grand Theft Auto 5, you’ve managed to change your character.
  • With an Xbox system, the right analog key

4. How To Change Character in Grand Theft Auto Online

In GTA 5 Offline mode, all the guides above dealt with character customization. In the single-player mode, switching between characters was relatively simple. In GTA 5 Online, gamers can choose between two primary characters. Anytime they feel like it, they are free to move between them.


To change your character in Grand Theft Auto Online, use the instructions below:

  • While playing as one of the characters in Grand Theft Auto Online, open the Pause Menu.
  • Press the Online Tab from the Pause Menu.
  • Among the options accessible to you will be the SWAP option. There, you’ll be able to see the available characters.
  • Using the ONLINE menu, change your character in Grand Theft Auto Online.

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Final Words

In Grand Theft Auto 5, there are three main protagonists. Once these characters are unlocked, players can alternate between them based on how each character is feeling.


Additionally, understanding how to change characters is helpful. We hope this post guides you irrespective of your current platform.

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