How To Block or Unblock Players on Xbox One?

This post provides an in-depth guide on how you can block and unblock someone on Xbox One. Xbox One offers a great feature that allows you to maintain control over your gaming experience with the ability to block or unblock players.

Blocking a player is like putting up a drawbridge to your court, making sure that they can’t be part of your gaming adventure.

It’s a way of saying, “I’d rather not have you around right now.” So, if someone’s bothering you or ruining your gaming experience, you can block them. And if you decide you want to give them a second chance, you can unblock them.


Let’s get started.

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How To Block Someone on Xbox One?

Blocking someone on Xbox One can help you maintain a positive and enjoyable gaming experience. When you block another player.


It effectively puts up a digital barrier between you and them, preventing unwanted interactions. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to block someone in Xbox One, and what happens when you do:

Step 1: Access The Guide

Start by pressing the Xbox button (the large Xbox logo button) located in the center of your controller. This action will open the guide, your central hub for various Xbox features.

Step 2: Navigate To The Player’s Profile

Use the controller to navigate to the People section within the guide. It’s represented by a person icon.


Step 3: Select The Player To Block

Once you’re in the People section, find and select the gamertag of the player you want to block. If the player isn’t on your friend’s list, you can choose to select Recent players or Find someone and enter the player’s gamertag to search for them.

Step 4: Choose To Block

On the player’s profile, you will see the option to Report or Block. Select this option.

Step 5: Confirm The Block

After selecting Report or Block, choose Block to confirm your decision. The player will then be added to your blocked list. By blocking another player, you effectively prevent yourself from receiving their messages, and game invites.


It also ensures that the player can no longer see your online activity. If the blocked player was on your friend’s list, they will be removed from it.

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How To Unblock Someone In Xbox One?

Unblocking someone on your Xbox One is as important as blocking when it comes to managing your gaming relationships.


In case you’ve had a change of heart, resolved a misunderstanding, or simply want to reconnect with a friend, unblocking is an essential feature. Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to unblock someone on your Xbox One:

Step 1: Access Your Profile

To start the process of unblocking someone, start by navigating to your profile. Your profile is like your digital identity on the Xbox platform.

Step 2: Check Your Following List

Here, you’ll need to see if the person you want to unblock was following you on Xbox. If they were, this is good news as it indicates an existing connection.


Step 3: Adjust Your Privacy Settings

Move on to the Everything section on your profile. This section controls who can interact with you and see your activities on Xbox.

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Step 4: Change Your Settings To Blocked

In the Everything section, you’ll have the option to set your interactions to Blocked as this effectively lifts the block you previously placed on this person.


That’s it.

By following these four simple steps, you can unblock someone on your Xbox One and potentially re-establish a connection with them.

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