How To Become A Demon In Demon Slayer: Midnight Sun?

Have you ever asked yourself; How does one become an evil spirit In Demon Slayer: Midnight Sun? Demon Slayer: Midnight Sun is such a fantastic action-adventure game, and my gamers seem to be in love with the idea of the game.

But there is a twist to It, that interests me. At the start of the game, you’re a Demon Slayer, but as you get into it, you’ll feel that itch to be a demon.

That is you need to learn how you can level up from a demon slayer to a demon. Of course, It used to be my dream.


However, In this guide, I will share with you easy steps you can take to become a demon In the game, and you will learn about being the most powerful demon. Becoming the best demon means working your way up its ranking system.

Let’s dive In.

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Guide To Becoming A Demon in Demon Slayer: Midnight Sun

Step 1: Start As A Demon Slayer

To become a demon, you’ve got to be a Demon Slayer In the first place. Head to the first spawn area in the game, and give it your all.

Step 2: Collect Damaging Karma

Now that you’re a Demon Slayer, you need negative Karma. To do this, you’ve to take down your fellow Demon Slayers, even if they’re computer-controlled or real players like you. Hit the -25 Karma mark, and you’re ready for the next step.


Step 3: Hunt Down Muzan

With your negative karma in hand, find Muzan. Just get to the Final Selection place. Go up to the top of the building, and there you’ll find Muzan waiting for you.

Muzan will transform you into an experienced demon. Yes, you’re now officially a demon in Demon Slayer: Midnight Sun.

However, as a demon, you’ll start gaining experience points, leveling up your demon game. Here are the levels of demons In the game, and the description:


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Demon LevelExperience RequirementDescription
Weak Demon0Just starting, you’re finding your demon strength.
Demon-Moving from a weak demon to a regular demon.
Strong Demon-Level up a bit while you are feeling stronger as a demon.
Best Demon-Now you're part of the best demon gang.
Abnormal Demon-Things are getting a bit strange, but you're holding your ground.
Lower Moon3000Climbing up the moony ranks while you’re gaining experience.
Upper Moon7000At this level, you've made it to the best of the best demons.

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