How To Beat Spider Crab In Dave The Diver?

In this post, you will learn how to defeat the spider crab In Dave the Diver. Dave the Diver is a new video game where you get to be Dave, a guy who dives underwater.

You’ll help him gather fish, complete missions, and even run his sushi restaurant. It’s all about exploring the deep sea and having exciting adventures.

However, the spider crab in the game is pretty tough, and regular weapons won’t work on it. In real life, a spider crab is a big orange crab with long legs and white spots.


It can grow as long as 3.7 meters and has a rough, spiky body. You’ll find them underwater, usually between 50 to 500 meters deep, where they eat things like dead fish and whatever else they can find.

Let’s learn.

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How To Beat Spider Crab In Dave The Diver?

The spider crab can be difficult to deal with, especially if you’re trying to use a regular weapon. However, below are methods to conquer these formidable foes:

1. The Shovel Trick

You might be tempted to use a shovel to tackle the crab.  It’s true; the shovel can give you a downward attack, which can be easy to use.

When you try to dig into the crab with your shovel, it can retaliate with a sneaky attack from above. This can lead to moderate damage to Dave.


So, I advise you to think twice before taking the shovel route. It’s risky, and the crab might get the upper hand, or should I say, the upper claw.

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2. Special Gloves And Boulders

These gloves are the key to success when facing spider crabs. You’ll have to be patient and wait until you get your hands on these gloves, but it’s worth it.


With the special gloves equipped, you gain the ability to pick up nearby boulders. Once you have a boulder in your grip, you can drop it right on the crab.

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3. The Dropping Boulders Technique

When you spot a spider crab in your path, keep an eye out for boulders nearby. Position yourself strategically above the crab and make sure you’re holding the boulder securely with your special gloves.


Now, drop the boulder, aiming it right at the crab, and when it hits, you’ll see that crab go down. It’s a simple yet effective technique that ensures you come out on top in your underwater adventures.

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