Stardew Valley – Guide To Attach Hooks And Tackle To Fishing Rod

This is a guide to attach hooks and tackle to your fishing rod In Stardew Valley. While I’m so In love with Stardew Valley, there are a ton of exciting things you can do In the game aside from farming.

Another fantastic activity In the game is fishing. You catch fish, use them for cooking, or sell for gold. However, there are two types of fishing areas: rivers and lakes, each with different fish.

And, to catch them, get a fishing rod, hooks, and tackle. The best part is that Fishing earns you gold for your farm. However, In this guide, you will learn how you can attach hooks, and tackle to your fish rod In the game.


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Let’s dive In.

Attaching Hooks and Tackle To Fishing Rod Guide

To start fishing, you’ll need to get a fishing rod with a tackle. Get an Iridium Rod, which will be given for using fishing tackle. However, attaching hooks and tackle means sacrificing one precious inventory space, but it’s a small price for spinning in the aquatic treasures.

If you’re eyeing bait, you’ll have to buy it first before you can use it in your fishing endeavors. Now, let’s get the goods. Go to Willy’s Shop between 9 am to 5 pm, that’s your one-stop shop for fishing essentials.

Once you’ve got everything in your bag, you can start attaching hooks, and tackles. For the PC crew, here’s your game plan: First, gather your items, then head to your inventory.


Left-click on the hook, and for your fishing rod, right-click with your mouse, but not all rods play out well with hooks and tackle. The Iridium Rod is the best.

Click on the Iridium Rod, and you’ll see two spots below. The first slot is your bait’s cozy home, and the second slot is where your hook or tackle gets comfy.

Attaching Hooks and Tackle To Fishing Rod in Switch Guide

Step 1: Get Your Tackle

Start by getting a tackle. It’s what you need for your fishing rod.


Step 2: Check Your Backpack

Go to your backpack, that’s where you find your stuff.

Step 3: Pick A Fishing Hook

Scroll through, and pick a fishing hook. Maybe a hook or a piece of tackle, It’s your choice.

Step 4: Rod Ready with Y

Now, go to your fishing rod. Press the Y button, and you’re done, your rod’s set with your chosen Item.


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Attaching Hooks and Tackle To Fishing Rod in Xbox Guide

Step 1: Get Tackle

First, grab some tackle

Step 2: Inventory

head to your inventory, where all your stuff hangs out.


Step 3: Choose Hook or Tackle

Use A to pick the hook or tackle you want.

Step 4: Attach To Rod

Now, go to your fishing rod in the inventory, and hit X.

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