How To Add Friends On Roblox Xbox One?

This post provides easy steps on how you can add Friends to your Roblox account on Xbox. For the love of the game, many gamers would love to add friends on Roblox Xbox which will allow them to interact, team, and play games together within the Roblox gaming platform on your Xbox console.

It’s a way to create a network of gaming companions as it is easier to join each other’s games, communicate, and share the gaming experience. But how can you add your friends? Let’s find out.

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How To Add Friends On Roblox Xbox One?

Adding friends on Roblox Xbox One is a fantastic way to improve your gaming experience. By connecting with friends, you can join games together, communicate, and share the fun. However, here are the steps to get started even If you’re on the same game server or both using Xbox consoles.

Step 1. Ensure You’re On The Same Game Server

To begin, make sure both you and your friend are on the same game server. This is a universal requirement across different gaming platforms.

Step 2. Join The Game At The Same Time

Increase the chances of landing on the same server, and attempting to join the game simultaneously. Coordinate with your friend to synchronize your entry to make it more likely for both of you to share the same gaming space.


Step 3. Meet At The Spawn Point

Once you’re in the game, head to the spawn point and wait for your friend to arrive. This is where you’ll initiate the process of adding them as a friend on Roblox Xbox One.

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Step 4. Adding A Friend

Approach your friend’s Roblox character and stand next to them. On your Xbox controller, click the RB button when you’re close to their character. This action triggers a pop-up menu.


Step 5. Select Add Friend

Within the menu that appears, locate and select the Add Friend option on the left, and this will send a friend request notification to your friend.

Step 6. Accept The Request

Your friend will receive the friend request notification. All they need to do is accept the request, establishing a connection between both of you as friends in the Roblox game.

Step 7. Accessing Your Friends List

To see your newly added friend, head back to the Roblox main menu. You should find them listed in your friends’ section.


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Alternatively (Xbox Only)

If both you and your friend are using Xbox consoles, you can take a slightly different approach:

  • Search for your friend’s gamertag in Xbox Friends.
  • Send them a friend request and patiently wait for them to accept it.

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