How Old Is Kobeni

Kobeni is a popular character from the Japanese manga series “Engaged to the Unidentified.” Fans of the series have been curious to know more about the mysterious Kobeni, especially her age.

In this blog post, we will explore the mystery of Kobeni’s age and closely examine her background. Get ready to discover more about Kobeni as we uncover the age of this beloved character!

Kobeni is a bright and cheery girl who loves animals and has a very caring nature. She is also a bit naive and airheaded. Her family consists of her mother, father, older sister, and younger brother. Kobeni is often seen in the company of her two close friends, Mashiro and Hakuya.

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She is also close to her older sister, Benio, who she often confides in. This is based on the information given in the manga series and the age of her friends. As the series progresses, more information about Kobeni’s age will likely be revealed.

Kobeni Age – How Old is Kobeni Higashiyama – Kobeni Birthday

Kobeni Higashiyama is 18 years old. She celebrates her birthday on October 4th. This makes her a Libra, a symbol of balance, justice, and harmony.

Kobeni is a young adult, but she is already wise beyond her years. She often uses her intelligence to solve problems and her maturity to keep her friends and family in line. She loves to read and usually can be found curled up with a book.

Kobeni is a strong independent woman. She is confident in her abilities and never backs down from a challenge. She is ambitious and determined to make her dreams a reality. Kobeni is a typically sweet, delectable, and upbeat young lady. She can occasionally be a little disorganized, though.

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She has the ability to move on even when things don’t go according to plan. She is capable of handling anything. She weirdly seems to use shopping as a kind of relaxation, as seen in Episode 1 when Kobeni hurriedly leaves the house after learning she is engaged on the pretext that she needs to go shopping to buy food for uninvited guests.

She carries a huge burden of emotions in her life, and everyone around her has high expectations and various intentions for her. Too many people typically believe she may be used for various purposes.

Kobeni is a young woman full of potential. From her intelligence to her strength, she has the potential to do great things. Her age of 18 is only the beginning of her journey.

Kobeni has violet eyes (her eyes turned violet after Hakuya Higashiyama gave her half of his powers to save her life), shoulder-length salmon-pink hair wrapped in two pigtails, slightly paler skin, and a scar from the incident in which she and Hakuya were both involved.

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Several characters make a note of her enormous breasts and “childbearing hips,” and they also mention how short and adorable she is.


Kobeni is a fictional character from the “Engaged to the Unidentified” anime series. While her exact age is unknown, Kobeni is likely in her late teens or early twenties, as she is depicted as a high school student in the series.
It is assumed that she is around the same age as her two younger sisters, Mashiro and Benio, who are both in middle school.

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