How Old Is Clara in Honkai Star Rail?

There are now 22 playable characters in Honkai Star Rail, each with their own personality and set of skills. More characters are scheduled to be added in the future, for 24 characters.

Honkai: Star Rail, in contrast to Genshin Impact, does not provide precise details about its characters, such as age or height, but at least it is feasible to estimate these things.

Because of this, the elements and paths in this listing are based on estimates for size and age, but the information provided in-game will be accurate.


In Honkai: Star Rail, players assume the role of Trailblazers and embark on a fantastical space voyage from HoYoverse on the Astral Express.

Players can acquire and add many companions they meet to their roster of playable characters and allies. It’s a good idea to have various characters with diverse characteristics.

So that you can be ready to combat any opponent combinations that occur, as enemy weaknesses vary. Read on if you are curious about how old Clara is in Honkai Star Rail.


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About The Game

Developer Hoyo Verse tries their hand at a space opera with Honkai: Star Rail and the outcome is quite good. The free-to-play role-playing game has amazing anime-inspired graphics, superb soundtracks, endless levels of backstory, and surprisingly intense fighting.

Better yet, it polishes the grind usually connected with free games, making it a fantastic game to go through as new plot points and events appear.


While some players may find the story’s immaturity and sparse landscapes annoying, Star Rail is a highly well-made PC game that can only grow better with time, earning it our Editor’s Choice award.

Honkai Star Rail opens with a boom, blowing up a space station and serenading you with a symphony. You soon find yourself in a world of code-locked chrome doors, and blade-wielding mech-like intruders.

And chambers covered with monitors. Its prologue hook provides enough information to understand why the gameplay and story are worthwhile without grinding.


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Who Is Honkai Star Rail’s Clara?

Here are some fundamental facts regarding Clara that you should be aware of: Clara is a member of The Destruction Path and a five-star user of the Physical element in Honkai Star Rail.

Clara’s life was quite tragic, as we already discussed because she was abandoned when she was tiny. You will discover more about Clara as you go up through Svarog’s viewpoint in the various sections of her character story logs.


Clara’s Age In Honkai Star Rail

Clara is eleven or twelve years old. Given the information, Clara’s age in Honkai Star Rail is estimated to be between eleven and twelve years old.

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Final Words

Her mechanical engineering expertise and Svarog’s lessons in everyday living and language have proven helpful. A person who previously wouldn’t be able to communicate with anyone eventually becomes friends with people like Hook because of their similar ages.


Furthermore, although Clara’s age isn’t explicitly stated in the game, reading about her character stories might teach us important things.

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